World Of Warcraft.

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any one play wow i do i love the game in my oppinion it is the best online rpg there is out there

hey why don't we make a guild on ther if we have anuff members on here

if i can adam i will make it
Oh my god! world of warcraft is a waist of money! you pay to buy game... fair enouph... but then u gotta pay to keep playin! i like to buy a game then play all time for free. that i dont mind to do. but to keep paying? its maddnes!

meh.......... happy know........ grrrrrrrrr jks.


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waste of money. actully its the reason we called the CPA on a family in our neighborhood. all the parents did was play WoW, abuse there kids and do drugs. and its too addicting. and one more thing. more people [well my friends] play runescape more XD
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