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The Titan Project
By James M Snook III

“First let me thank all of you for joining The Earth’s Space Force,” the speaker said, “I have some bad news the outer colonies have some rebels that think they should independent from Earth. The year 2310 will be the year that the rebels…”

I can remember the speech like it was yesterday even though it was longer the 10 years ago. This was the day I got my commission.
Command Bashaar Mike Targus.

Captain Targus was ordered to see Bashaar James M Snook. Capt. Targus spoke first saluting the Gen. Snook say, “Sir, you wanted to see me.”

“Yes, have a seat,” Dropping his salute and pointing to a chair in front of a large cherry stained, ornately carved hard wood desk. On the desk was a holographic projector dome that the AI King Arthur (names so because of the form of King Arthur from the Arthurian Myths he took) stood performing a study of the young Captain. Gen. Snook said, “I have a mission for you but you can’t speak of it to any one, ever. Do you understand”?

“Yes, Sir I understand that the mission you speak of is top secret”

“No, Not just Top secret, but ‘top secret for the eyes of the President only’ secret.”

“Sir if I may speak freely?”

“From now on in my presence you can do so as if you were my own family.”

“Sir”, the captain asked questioningly “What is my mission?”

The AI spoke next, “Bashaar this Capt.’s security clearance does not allow him to accept this mission.”

“Arthur advance his security clearance to the needed level”, the Bashaar said. Turning to Targus saying, “Your mission is to accompany Dr. Lucia Porsche as her protection and pilot.”

“Yes, Sir.” Capt. Targus said.

“Capt. Please don’t let any thing happen to her she is like a sister to me. You leave from space docks in four hours. Take only what is on this list. You can get the red item from the Weapons Room and the Blue items from Protective Supply Room, Good Luck Son.”

Walking out to the space docks Capt. Targus was looking for Dr. Porsche and the craft named Hera. When he found the craft he was shocked to see that the craft was a newer model of the Sub Light Interplanetary (SLIP)-130 class of ships. The SLIP-130 class of ships was used as short recon and medium transport ship. The side of the ship had been out fitted with two mini Magnetic Accelerated Cannons or MACs; the MACs are like the rail guns developed a hundred years before but were a more accurate and deadly then the rail guns of old.

“Capt. did my poor brother send you to protect me,” Dr. Porsche asked him

“Ma’am the Bashaar told me I was going to be your pilot and yes to protect you,” Capt. Targus said.

“Well, what of the mission did he tell you?

"He just said that I would be piloting a SLIP-130 and to protect you, Ma'am."

"Well let's just let that be it for now. I, don't want to let any thing more out, do you understand"

"Yes ma'am," sitting down in the pilot's seat Capt. Targus started up the ships engines and taking off and then asked “Where should I set the jump coordinates to ma’am?”

“Go to Yaris 1 in the Alpha Centaury section of the Alpha Quadrate, and then set the ships auto pilot then go to the CryoPods and get in.”

“Yes, Ma’am” said Targus, setting the coordinates. Just then a red warning light started to flash rapidly.

The Ships AI Hera started to talk saying “my sensors tell me that the coordinates that you have inputted will take us directly through a black hole, would you like me to correct the flight path? Also I have detected a faster method then the regular flight path.”

“Yes go ahead and make any corrections that you think are needed.”

Standing up and walking to the back of the cockpit suddenly stopped and turned to the view port of the craft for a look at the planet and solar system that he might never see again. Thinking that all jumps through Sub-Space could be improved in the future but for now it would be a risky venture.

Arriving at Yaris 1 Capt. Targus was awakening from cryo-sleep. As he came to he could feel a slight pain in his chest. He knew why he had these pains but he also knew he would get a medical discharge. Starting to walk toward the cockpit Targus felt the ship rock from side to side almost knocking him to the floor.

“What Happened,” yelled Capt. Targus?

“The ship went through some sub space turbulence,” said the Ships Ai.

“Hera how far out are we from atmo,” Targus said as he slipped into the pilot’s seat.

“We are two hours till atmo,” the Ai Hera said as her image flickered on the projector.

“When we are one hour till atmo start the wake up protocol on Dr. Porsche.”

The time passed slowly as the ship started it’s decent into the planets surface. On the way down the ship was hailed from another aircraft. “Slip-130, this is Yaris 1 planetary defense aircraft Tango Foxtrot One Niner Six, please respond.

“Tango Foxtrot This is Slip-130 Hera,” Targus said.

“Hera please state your intentions on Yaris 1”

“We are Headed to the Sector forty five of the military research zone,” Porsche said as she started to get mad at the delays that these foolish planetary defenders always slowed down the military aircraft, knowing full well that they had a time sensitive mission.

“Sorry Ma’am, I didn’t know it was you Dr. Porsche,” the voice said over the intercom. "Ma'am, Central Command says for you to land at the coordinates that are being sent to you now."

Turning the craft to the installation’s landing pad Targus dared to ask, “Ma’am are we going to be breaking any regulations on this operation.”

With out even missing a beat the young Dr. Porsche said, “As far as I know we have not yet broke a single reg. On this op yet, that still does not mean that we will not have to bend a few of the regulations to get past the high command back on earth.”

Targus slowed the ship down as the landing pad came into view, flipping switches that put the ship into it’s landing sequence. As the ship’s landing gear began to touch the hard rust colored landing pad a group of eight men dressed in white split robes, white pants that had a golden triangle at the bottom, and a pair of boots so brilliantly white Capt. Targus had to tint the forward view port. The men cared a newer version of the mid-range semi-automatic battle rifle or the MA7C, on there belt was a white handled sword in a white sheath. The look of these men told Capt. Targus that these men where special operations soldiers.

Lowering the entry ramp so that they could exit the SLIP-130. Capt. Targus felt a lump form in the bottom of his stomach as he walked down the ramp. Following Dr Porsche’s instructions he followed her and the men in white clothes in to the building.

On of the Men stopped and turned around. He began to speak saying, “I am Staff Sergeant Sid Scotmore, and for the first four years of these children’s lives I am in control of every aspect of their day to day to day to day lives. After the children are removed from the artificial wombs I take control. So far Ma’am, I have been in control of their training. If you will follow me Ma’am, Sir.” Turning and pushing a string of numbers on the control pad next to a white painted door wide enough to drive a recon vehicle through.

As they walked into the building Capt. Targus was in shock by how white the walls and floor appeared. Targus Spoke, “Sergeant you said that you are in charge of these children’s training for the first four years. May I ask what type of training you do?”

“Sir, we train these children to read, write, talk, walk, some drill, and more. Mostly we just teach them the basic’s of what they need to know.” Sergeant Scotmore said as he lead them through a series of twist and turns.

As they walked in to a room with two hundred kids in it, the kids weren’t playing like normal kids, but practicing martial arts. Dr Porsche looked around the room at the kids. Finally she spoke, “Are they ready for transport?”

“Yes Ma’am, they will be ready to go in one hour,” Sergeant Scotmore said.

"Good, have them ready to move at a moments notice. And Sergeant was there any problems with any of the genetic samples?”

“Well there is sample 665, that one did not work out how you thought it would and, then there is sample 051 that looks and acts normal, but once a month he starts to meditate and will stay like that for three to five days.”

“Ok, is there any medical information on sample 051 while he is in this meditative state,” asked Dr. Porsche.

“Here you go Ma’am,” Reaching in to a pocket on the inside of his robe, Sergeant Scotmore pulled out a data pad, “on that data pad you will find all records we have on all of the samples”

“STOP CALLING THEM SAMPLES,” yelled Dr. Porsche balling her hands in to fist, “They are going to under go the test to become the next Titans. Do you know who the original Titans were, you twit.”

“No, Ma’am I do not know who the original Titans were, and frankly I don’t care. These children are not natural nor are they the next evolution of man,” Sgt Scotmore said in a flat unwavering tone.

“Take me to subject 665,” ordered Dr. Porsche, “I wish to see what is wrong with him”

Leading here down a maze of corridors Sgt Scotmore explained what training he and his men had given the children. Stopping short of a plasteel glass walled room. Looking in side the room Dr. Porsche saw a human looking figure. Except for on the head of this human were two horns that followed the curve of the person’s head, splitting the dark red hair on its head. As the human like figure turned around Dr. Porsche saw that there were two flesh colored wings about as big as the young boy was tall.

“Is there a way to talk to the boy,” Dr. Porsche asked in a quiet unsettling way.

“Yes ma’am,” said the young Sergeant leaning over and pressing a button next to a speaker on the wall.

“Son what is your name?”

Turning to look out the through the glass wall at Dr. Porsche he said, “My name is subject 665 but, I would like to be called Damien.”

“Ok Damien, I studied your file that you see the future when you meditate.”

“Yes, Ma’am that is right. Before you came to speak with me today I had a vision.”

“Will you please tell me about this vision that you had in as much detail as you can give me,” Dr. Porsche asked pressing a button on the wall panel that started a sound file recording of what was said.

“I saw a field of grass, next to it was a stand of trees growing on hills leading up to mountains. In the sky I saw a ship descending but this ship was not like any ship I have seen before, it was three kilometers long 1 kilometer wide at the rear and shaped like a triangle. The top and the bottom of the ship were divided in half by a ridge that at the rear of the craft was half a kilometer. When the ship was about 200 meters of the ground it stopped and used some form of antigravity field to hold its altitude steady. From the craft came a bright light that made me shield my eyes. That is all I saw in the vision. I do know that the ship made me feel safe.”

“Wow, that is the strangest thing I have ever heard of,” exclaimed Sergeant Scotmore.

“Have you not recorded any of his dreams,” turning to look at Sergeant Scotmore.

“No Ma’am, we never believed in what he said his dreams were to have shown him. He always was saying he saw such abstract things,” Sgt Scotmore said. A noise of thunder came from above their heads. Looking around for a window to see what was going on out side. Just as he reached the window, a voice came on the Base wide COM to announce the arrival of the Heavy Troop transport Ship Endurance.

“Sergeant get the children ready to move, and don’t forget I want them sedated. Just so you know I don’t want them to know when they get to the Centaury 3,” Dr. Porsche said. “Oh, and Sergeant tell the Sergeant Major when he arrives to see you that I want to see him.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Sgt Scotmore said as he turned and walked away.

In the Hera Dr. Porsche walked up the data console and turning on the ship-to-ship COM systems. Just as she was about to Hera, the ships AI, appeared. “Doctor what are you planning on doing while the Sergeant Major is training the children,” asked Hera.

“Well I plan on watching and monitoring their progress and see if they will need the bionic augmentations before they can wear their armor. The children’s bodies might not be able to endure the armors weight and power,” explained Dr. Porsche

“What does a man do when it means to lose. I think it means that you didn’t learn what you did wrong. I have never lost a war because I always looked at what I did wrong.”
General of the Army Anthony Stark

“Wake up, Get up, what is taking you maggots so long,” Yelled a tall man, holding a long baton in his left hand. Getting out of a bed Spartacus turned to see a man wearing black Fatigues holding the same type of baton as the man that was yelling.

“Why are you not getting dressed, your uniforms are in the footlocker at the foot of your bunk,” yelled the man in the black fatigues.

Pulling out a pair of gray sweat pants with the number 324 on it, there was also a gray sweatshirt with the numbers 324 on it as well. There was a pair of white tennis shoes. Spartacus moved as quickly as he could to get back to the man standing by his bed. “What do you think you are doing get to the front and stand in line like the rest of the trainees,” said the man.

After all the children were standing in lines the man started to speak, “I am Sergeant Major Thomas Gladuis Tutor III, I unlike most people can trace my heritage back to the Tutors of English Royalty. I am here to make you the best of the best. I will train you mentally, physically and verbally. I will take you from the rabble you are to the most elite soldiers where the impossible is possible to you. Now I am suppose to take you to your history class, but I think you morons need some PT. So lets go outside and take a little jog.”

After what seemed like ten miles to Spartacus the Sgt Major stopped the children in front of a building with a domed roof. Upon entering the building he noticed that it was a circular room with four-row steer stepping up in congruently bigger rows with more seats on the each row then were on the row before. In the middle of the room was a holographic projector plate that was at least 10 meters in diameter. The children stayed standing in front of the seats till a man entered the room and said, “Sit down and watch this.”

A holograph of two building appeared, the man explained that the two building where part of the World Trade Center. All of a sudden a airplane ran into one of the buildings, the man as the hologram continued to play and explain the events of September 11, 2001. When the Holographic Video was done the man said, “My name is Platoon Sergeant Carl Marx. I am your instructor for all things history and survival. In front of you on the table is a knife, please remove it from it’s sheath. As you can see it has a four inch blood wood handle and a 12 inch blade that is 1 ½ inches wide. Starting ¼ of an inch from the hilt of the blade on the spine is a serrated edge and at the tip is a false edge and a gutting hook. The other side is a designed to cut through almost any wood. You will from now on have this knife in pristine condition, and always carry this knife.”

A buzzer sounded and a man dressed in black from head to toe walked in. “This is your target. This man and his team will be hunting you, while you are hunting them. You will use these guns and wear these vest, helmets, pants, and boots.” A spot in the table in front of each child opened and all of the items appeared. “You will form up in to five columns.”

After the children had donned the items and formed up as they were instructed. Platoon Sergeant Marx started to explain the rules to the game. “As you walk out these doors with the members of you team you will hunt these men and they will hunt you.” Opening the door and sending the first teams out, Spartacus just wanted his turn.

Finally the time came and Spartacus and his team, along with four other teams walk out the doors into a massive forest. Walking into the forest Spartacus had a bad feeling about something. Turning to the rest of his team members he saw the doors close and heard a voice. The voice came over the com units built into the helmets, “As you can see there is a visor on the helmets, this visor has a heads up display or HUD on it. The HUD displays the ammo left in your weapon, the white circle in the center is you targeting receptacle no matter where your weapon is pointed it will tell you. Now it you look to the left you will see a drop pod, these drop-pods will contain weapons and ammunition please go ahead and pick up the weapons in it.” Walking over the five children picked up the rifles in the pod. The voice returned saying, “These rifles are the MA14-2, they fire in three modes Semi Auto, three round burst, and fully automatic, there are thirty six .226 rounds. The rounds in the magazine are stun rounds used for training, besides these rounds there are three other type of rounds high explosive impact which explode on contact, particle rounds which break apart to do more damage to the target, and finally the Armor piercing rounds which contain small amounts of depleted uranium. Please proceed to take the path to the next to the check point.”

Walking down the path the children where on the out look for anything that was out of the ordinary. All of a sudden reports from weapon fire broke the silence, instinctually forming a circle so that they would have 360⁰ security. The voice returned, “The circle in the lower right hand side is your motion tracker the green dot are your squad mates and allies, if you see a red dot it is a possible hostile. Your motion tracker only work for a thirty meter radius from you.” After checking his motion tracker and conferring with his team that there were no hostile forces he suggested they move on. After what seemed like an hour the children walked out of the forest to find the rest of the children and the Sergeant Major.

“My god what took you so long,” asked the Sergeant Major. “My grandmother moves through the woods faster then that and she’s had both her knees replace and uses a walker. If you were any slower I would ask if we got the right DNA to use.”

“What is a right when every thing is wrong? How does a man choose to sacrifice the small platoon of soldiers just save the larger multitudes.”

Supreme Bashaar Johannes Colt, Commander of the Carrier Supreme Justice

On the bridge of the super carrier Supreme Justice the crew was a blaze of activity. As the Second in Command walked on to the command deck she noticed that the whole of the Command crew was prepping for some special guest. Walking in to the Bashaar Veronica L. Harley walked up to the communications officer, “Captain you asked to talk to me?”

“Yes Ma’am, This message just came to you from Section 13,” said Captain Calvin Marx.

“Thank you Captain Marx I will read this right now.’

“Ma’am I’m sorry but before I can give you the Message I must confirm that your identity. This is due to the new protocol under the old SSC protocol.”

“The Super Soldier Command Protocol? I thought that was a old story used by Section 13 to siphon off extra funds?” Bending over to the biometric console Brig. Gen. Harley thought about what the message could be.

Walking back to her cabin Gen. Harley was worried that her past might be coming back. Before she was stationed on the Supreme Justice she worked in Section 13’s SSC, before she was transferred to the Supreme Justice she was sworn to secrecy about a project named TITAN. Project TITAN was a Super Soldier Command theoretical project to used outlawed genetic engineering techniques to create a unit of soldiers with the purpose of saving the regular ground forces from highly dangers and some times covert missions.

Walking Into her cabin, she opened the message on the data pad. It Read,

Earth Space Forces Command
Section 13, Super Soldier Command
Security Clearance Top Secret, Level 13 Alpha
22 September 2280 15:45 local

Bashaar Veronica L. Harley you are ordered to take command of the Super Carrier Supreme Justice until notified other wise. You will take the Supreme Justice to Centaury 3 and wait to be contacted by Dr. Lucia Porsche. Prepare the crew for a envoy of top secret trainees. These trainees will be under the command of Sergeant Major Thomas Gladuis Tutor III. Once onboard the Supreme Justice Sergeant Major Tutor will give you the coordinates of the planet you will be traveling to. The envoy will need the following supplies by as well as three drop-pods for re-supply per day. You will also provide tactical and communication support to the ground teams. Supreme Bashaar Johannes Colt will be notified of his temporary reassignment as your Second in Command.

Bashaar of the Space Forces Henry Picasso Commander of Section 13

Just as Veronica finished reading the orders her doors visitor buzzer went off. Pressing the button on her desk to allow the doors to open. As the doors opened Gen. Colt walked in to the room and said, “What the HELL is going on. I know that you were part of Sec. 13 but I never thought you would command this craft as long as I was able to command it. What is this Super Soldier Command and how are you related to it?”

“Sir, I was part of the Super Soldier Command as a young lieutenant. I was in charge of a group of civilian scientist charged with the task of creating super soldiers from genetic samples of the best of the Special Forces units. The scientist spent five years studying the genetic markers that all the samples had in common. I never would have dreamed it would have been a real possibility.” Explained Harley.

“What do you mean a Super Soldiers,” asked Bashaar Colt.

“A Super Soldier in our case was a genetically engineered soldier who could be trained to do task that would kill even the best trained Special Forces soldier and live. For example if we were to drop a squad of Shock Troopers into a battle situation from space we might have a four out of ten casualty rate, on the other hand with the Supers Soldiers we hoped that the casualty rate would be less then one in a hundred.”

“Well good luck, I will be in my quarters until you need me,” said Colt.

“Sir, Can you stay in command of the ship until we reach Centaury 3. I would like to study some of my records on the Super Soldier Project that I have aboard the ship,” asked Harley.

“As you wish I will do all I can to help out with this mission.”

As the Supreme Justice neared the planet Centaury 3 a small civilian cargo ship hailed the Supreme Justice stating that a small force of Rebels was on the Lunar Base of the gas giant in the system. With a quick motion Gen. Colt pressed the button on Command Chairs armrest to put the ship on full attack readiness.

Hearing the ships AI’s voice announcing that there was a threat off of a moon of one of the Gas Giants. Rushing to the bridge Bashaar Harley she opened her orders packet on her data pad. Reading that she was to avoid conflict at all cost until the completion of the mission.

Upon reaching the bridge she started spouting off orders before her superior officer could even turn over command to her. Walking over to the navigation officers post and ordering him to make a calculated jump to just outside the Centaury 3’s orbit when she gave the command. Walking over to the engineering

Upon reaching the bridge she started spouting off orders before her superior officer could even relinquish command of the ship to her. “Navigation prepare for a precision jump to just outside of Centaury 3’s orbit. Engineering make sure we have enough power to make the jump and charge the MAC systems. Defense Systems prepare to fire on any ship that even acts like it will attempt to fire on our ship. Drop three of the shadow fighters equipped with Rashika Trans-Light Engines, have the pilots enter the same jump procedure.” Sitting in the Command chair Brig Gen Harley pressed the button to allow her to talk to the rest of the crew. “I am duty bound to tell you that we are about to attempt a precision jump that will put us just outside the orbit of Centaury 3. I can not order you to pray, but I will ask that if you do believe in some greater power to start praying to it so that we may make this jump safely.”

Watching the view screen for any sign of a rebel ship, Bashaar Gen Harley was hoping that she would not have to resort to violence just to get to Centaury 3. Just as the Supreme Justice passed in front of the gas giant a explosion could be seen from the vantage point the command crew had on the bridge of the Supreme Justice.

Down on Centaury 3 Sergeant Major Tutor was growing inpatient with the crew of the Supreme Justice, even the rebel attack on the station it should not take this long for a Carrier to go a few million miles. Walking over to the communication station Tutor keyed to code to get a direct link to the orbital defense station (ODS) leviathan’s radar deck. When some one answered he yelled “Where the hell is my ship?”

The voice on the other end said, “Sir, I am Captain Keno Wallace. Who am I talking to, if I may ask?”

“You may I am Sergeant Major Thomas Gladuis Tutor III, and before you little open you pie hole to ask me what ship I am talking about I will tell you. The ship is the Supreme Justice, a Hercules class Carrier it was suppose to be in orbit 1 hour and 30 minutes ago. So where in the vast unknown it my f***ing ship.”

“Sergeant Tutor….”

Cutting in before the captain could finish his sentence, Sergeant Major Tutor yelled with anger that would have made any enemy run in fear, “YOU WILL CALL ME SERGEANT MAJOR OR SEARGEANT MAJOR TUTOR. Do you understand?”

“Ye Yes S Sir, Sergeant Major. The Supreme Justice is now in the docking stages at the ODS Spruce Goose. It will be ready to take on passengers with in the next hour, Sir. Is that all you need Sergeant Major?” finishing his sentence the Captain fumed on ways he could punish the insulting man on the other end of the link.

“No Captain, that will be quite enough from your area,” putting his finger on the disconnect button Sergeant Major Tutor stopped before he pressed it. In the background of the sound coming from the speaker he heard a sound. It sounded like yelling then a series of pops, not loud enough for gunfire not even with a suppressor on the weapon, no it sounded more like that of a experimental plasma weapon that he had seen back when he did security on earth for Section 13. Dialing the code to the security post on the Leviathan thoughts raced in his mind of what could be going on, after 30 seconds of not getting a response from any one Tutor made a quick decision what better way to test the trainees then to put them in actual combat. Keying in the code for the transport wing stationed on Centaury 3 he asked for seven heavy transports, fully loaded with fuel and ammunition. Then he called the armory and requested that the trainees be given any weapon they selected and that they be issued live ammunition. It never accord to him until he had issued the orders for the battle that he would not only be court marshaled or worse just put to death for ordering this.

As the transports neared the Leviathan the massive ODS looked as if it was about to erupt into fire at any moment. There were holes torn through the hull in many spots. Two of the ten orbital MACs on the leviathan were melted in to slag metal. The main MAC that ran vertically up from the center of the station was sparking where the massive wires the fed power to the huge electromagnets were sending sparks and arcs of electricity up and down the huge titanium barrel.

Getting as close to the docking area as was needed the Sergeant Major decide that it was time for the trainees to return to the surface and collect the items from supply that would be needed for the trip to the ice world Hellon. Looking over the trainees in the transport vessel with him he was proud that they were going to be the best. As time had gone on the trainees armor got more and more protective and with each new month the techs were coming up with some new upgrade. Now their armor looked like that of a turtles shell, they wore armored boots that had magnets in the soles to help with zero gravity maneuvers out side of ships, greaves that made their calves look twice the size they really were, and their thighs were the same way. Around their crotch and stomach was flexible the armor due to it being made up of segmented rings, the chest armor had the appearance of a chest plate and a backpack were merged to form a single peace of armor, the armor on their arms was much like that on their legs. The armor on their arms was like that around the legs except it had a spot for data hook ups at the wrist areas. Pondering what it would be like to go up against these children, even though they were only about nine years old they had the demeanor and discipline of some one much older which made them look like they were twelve or thirteen years old.

On the Supreme Justice’s command deck Bashaar Harley surveyed the damage to the Leviathan, it seemed to her that if this mysterious rebel force could take out a whole ODS in one strike then her Carrier didn’t stand a chance. The communications panel suddenly lit up signaling an incoming transmission.

Walking up to the forward display panel Bashaar Harley ordered that the channel be opened, speaking with a air of command she said “This is Bashaar Veronica L Harley I am the Commander of the Supreme Justice what may I do for you?”

The face of the Sergeant Major appeared and he started to reply saying “Hello Ma’am I am Sergeant Major Thomas Gladuis Tutor III I am requesting permission for my unit and me to board you ship?” Finishing his sentence a explosion shook the small craft he was in making the picture blur and flash in and out for several seconds. All of a sudden from where the explosion happened a massive ship appeared out of now where.

“Find out what where that ship came from,” Shouted Harley.

“Ma’am that ship is of unknown origins. I can’t even fathom where a ship of that size could have come from,” Said the Engineering officer.
“Ma’am we really need to board now,” said Sergeant Major Tutor.

All of the small craft with the titans trainees on them were all of a sudden as if a hand had reached out and grabbed them were pulled to the unknown ship. It was as if the ship had come to pick up and, or capture his young trainees, thought Tutor. Thinking of a plan he decided to have all the kids, no he thought not kids, Titans, prepare for a battle against some unknown enemy.

Out of nowhere, he could hear voice as if it was coming from inside his head. “Welcome Evolution Number Three, We the First of your kind have searched a long time for you,” said the voice.

Pacing and wondering where that ship could have come from, Bashaar Harley wondered what could have happened when the transports entered that mysterious new ship. Contacting the High Command of Section 13 back on Earth, “This is Bashaar Veronica Harley Second in Command of the Supreme Justice. I need to speak with Bashaar of the Space Forces Henry Picasso in need of a SSC issue.”

“This is Bashaar of the Space Forces Henry Picasso what is it Bashaar?”

“Sir, We have just encountered a massive ship of unknown origins. This ship some how managed to capture all the transport ships that had all the subjects in the SSC program. Sir, what would you like me to do?”

“Bashaar what do you mean massive? You are in command of one of the largest non repair vessels in the ESF how can any ship be bigger or be able to out gun you?”

“Sir, This ship appeared out of nowhere, pulled the transport ships to it and captured them.” Running her hand over and though her long auburn hair she silently hoped that he would give the order to engage this unknown enemy. “Sir what are your orders?”

“Bashaar, if you have any of the augmented troops on your ship I want you to send two squads of them in a Firefly and rescue those people. If not see if you can destroy the ship, but don’t attack it if you can’t win. We don’t need another rebel uprising like the last one.”

Turning to walk off to where the direct link to the cryo chamber control room direct link was she pressed it. “Wake up the Augments and tell them to arm themselves for a big assault. Have them meet me in the Firefly launch bay.” Turning around and looking at the ship, she recognized it from a brief on dreams and predictions. Where a child had a dream where a ship matching the description of this one came out of the sky.

“Before you can see us you must see yourselves,” said the odd voice. All of a sudden pictures, scenes, sounds began flashing in everyone’s head as if it was like mass hallucination. “The Third Evolution evolved more then 1 million of your standard years ago. Being a naturally curios race, your race was able to quickly emulate the technology we gave you. After about 10,000 years the Third evolution had found the planet you call Earth. They used this as a place of peace. As time went on there were colonist that chose to live a primitive life as part of an experiment to see how long it would take for the technology to advance to the level of what it was at. Unfortunately those who were in charge of the project were killed when a fraction of the Third’s that loved war attacked the scientific fraction. Now all that is left of your kind is what came from the experimental world.”

Turning to see the ramp of the craft lower and a strange humanoid like creature appeared at the foot of the ramp. With its long Slender body, lean muscular legs and arms, and a head that seemed to big for its body. The oval eyes had a green tint to them that made this new alien look some wise and ancient at the same time. Floating about 2 feet of the floor in a seated cross-legged position with a grand looking headpiece made of gold, silver and rubies. Looking at the people in the hold of the transport ship it began to speak “I am the oldest of the First Evolution and Leader of the TerraShip Colony Ursa-Minor 2. I welcome you, but wonder which of you is the leader of your Clan?”

Walking down the ramp of the transport ship he was on, Sergeant Major Tutor stopped right in front of the alien. Snapping to attention saying “I am in charge. My name is Sergeant Major Thomas Gladuis Tutor III. What may I ask do you plan to do with us?”

“What do we plan to do with you? Frankly, the Tri-Counselor on board will tell you what his plans are. I was told to tell you this The Second Evolution is on the move and based on the history of their migration patterns they are headed to the Solaris System or what you call the Sol System. The Counselor will tell you more.”

Walking down the corridors of the ship Sergeant Major Tutor was amazed at how advanced the ship was. At first, it looked to be made of an organic material but the Alien explained that the metals they used to build this type of ship were designed to be flexible and able to absorb massive amounts of damage while not breaching the haul or the deck plating. Finally, when they reached the ornately decorated doorway that led to the Counselors room Tutor saw what looked to be angles.

On ether side of the doorway where to Angelic looking men with golden skin and great snow white wings. The one on the left spoke saying “My Lord is that a Third Evolution. Sir it is an honor to meet you my name is Michel and I am what your people call an angel. We are the guardians of the Tri counselors and the senators of the First Evolution. Being as we are a subclass of the First we can do all the things they can do plus what our own genetics let us do.”

As Michel stepped to off to the side the doors slid open. As the doors opened a bright golden light emitted form the room. Walking into the room it appeared to have an artificial star for a light source, at the opposite side of what looked to be a round room with a domed ceiling was a humanoid sitting on what appeared to be a silver lizard that looked to have leathery wings. The humanoid waved a hand at Sergeant Major Tutor as he got closer.

Speaking the humanoid said “I am Demetreus Tri-Vecta. I am the Tri-Counselor for this ship.”

Standing as still he could, Tutor snapped to attention giving a sharp salute saying “I am Sergeant Major Thomas Gladuis Tutor III, Member of the United Earth Space Army, Instructor to the trainees in the Titan Project, and Commander of the troops being held hostage in the docking bay of your ship, Sir.”

“No one is being held hostage my good man. They are merely being held against their will. I will allow them to leave if you do a job for me. But, first we must discuss the Second Evolutions pursuit of the Third Evolutions new home world. You were not aware until today that the people of you planet, were nothing more then an experiment gone wrong. That would also stand to mean that the leaders of your world didn’t know that there was a War going on older then your oldest records. All I ask is that you and your group of children go into a self-imposed exile on a far distant planet we will allow you to take the crew of that war ship over there with you, but once you are at this planet you may never leave.”

Shaking his head while trying not to laugh Sergeant Tutor said, “I can’t do that. Hell, I can not even say I will do that. For the government unto which I report would laugh me out of my position. These children are my responsibility, I was ordered to transport these children to a new facility and that is where i will take them.”

Then you will die like the rest of your frail evolution. We will release you but you must not forget what we told you. I only ask that you will take this tablet with all the knowalge that we have on your evolution, so that it may help your kind find out on what is the cause of their new war.” Raising his right hand Demetreus motioned for the Sergeant to take the tablet that was in his left hand.

Taking the tablet Sergent Tutor said “Thank you I believe that this information will be useful if what you say is true. Even though I can not speak for the leaders of my government I do hope that we can become friends that will one day help each other out.”

Turning to walk out the door Tutor gave the Tri-Counselor a crisp salute and walked out the door. On the other side of the door the angelic figure named Michel lead the way back to the docking bay. Nether one of the two spoke as they walked but as soon as they entered the docking bay and reached the ship Michel spoke, “The Counselors wish me to join you and your leaders so that they may regain their lost powers. I know that long ago it was nothing for a third to live 400 years or more, but you thirds believe that a life of 115 years is a long and good life. If you will allow me I am able to teach you and your soldiers how to move like a bolt of thexian lighting.”

“Move like a what,” asked Tutor in an inquisitive tone.

“A bolt of thexian lighting, its like regular lighting except that it seems to have a mind of its own. I will also teach you how to build and control some of the vehicles that your kind once had.”

“That is an offer I don't think I can refuse. I will allow you to come with us, but on one condition you will not spy on us, you will allow us to censor all your communications, and you follow our laws.”

“I believe that will be possible for me to do without violating to many of my mandates.”

Boarding the small transport craft that Sargent Tutor had arrived upon the two new companions took their seats. As the docking bay doors were opened the group of ships departed the massive ship. Almost as soon as they were out side the range of the disruptor systems of the alien ship a transmission was received from the Supreme Justice. The transmission was a little garbled but the main idea was that Bashaar Harley wanted to know what happened to the transportation ships. Knowing he was going to have to explain himself.

As Sargent Tutor and Michel walked on to the bridge of the Supreme Justice, he noticed that the command crew seemed to stare at Michel as he passed. Walking up to Bashaar Harley he noticed that something wasn't right with her.

“Ma'am this is Michel, he is a servant of the First Evolution and he is here to help me train the children,” said Tutor

“You know i was just thinking about the War of Unification. How the rebel forces said that an angel came to speak with them. They all swore that the angel told them that if the earth was under one government then a new enemy would appear and destroy all of the humans, so the rebels fought against the unification forces. As the Russians, Chinese, and Arabic people fell under the control of the unification forces the rebels in Africa gave up. Now seeing Michel in front of me i wonder if the unification forces were right to unify all of the countries under one government.” As Bashaar Harley spoke the command data panel in front of her scrolled images and report of historic events.

“You must be Bashaar Veronica L Harley, My commander has told me much about you. As far as our intelligence reports go, they say your genetic markers show you have the abilities to move at speeds unknown to most humans, you can also see the future, but you are unable to control you powers, do to the lack of training? You see all humans have special abilities some move fast, some have extra strength, and some like yourself can see the future. Though most humans never unlock their abilities it doesn't mean that their not there,” stated Michel.

“Ma'am you are not going to believe this but,” as soon as the words left the navigation officer's mouth a salvo of rockets was seen flying from the ODS Centurion. As they came close to the Supreme Justice a mysterious wall blocked the rockets from hitting the ship.

“Communications get me a channel with ODS Centurion NOW. And don't you even dare tell me that they are not responding because i will remove you from your post and send you out the first airlock I find.” Walking toward the communication screen at the command chair Bashaar Harley wondered why the rockets suddenly stopped.

When lieutenant Veronica L. Harley was first given reporting instructions to the Section 13 Command Center in what use to be Colorado in the Old United States before the War of Unification. The building was build not on the mountain or around the mountain but it was built inside of the mountain. Finding your way was like trying to navigate a maze with a blindfold on. Every hall looked the same Every door like the one next to it, with out a navigation pad it would have been almost impossible for Lt. Harley to find her way to the Command Bashaar's office.

Finally arriving at the CB's office she walked up to the Commanders Support Staff and told him why she was there. Looking up he said “Ahh you must be the one we heard about. The Bashaar has taken a special interest in you. I will tell him you are here to see him.”

After a brief conversation with the CB the CSS returned, “He will see you right away Ma'am.”

Walking into the CB's office Lt Harley walked up to the CB and gave him a strikingly powerful salute that took the CB by surprise. Standing up the CB Gave a Sharp Salute in return. As he dropped his salute, he said “It is a rare surprise to find one as such as yourself these days. Most of the people who's test class is like your's go into the special operations units. I am glad you took my offer. I am Command Bashaar Saladin. Most people who have the ability to expand their mind like you do also have the ability to think in abstract ways, that is why i am recruiting you for a special project. A project that will ether give us an military advantage on the rebels or kill the subjects who are used. No matter the out come I don't think the project will ever come to be used.”

“Sir, you are sending me to work on a project that is doomed from the start. May I ask why you selected my for this project or even why you selected at all to work here? You said i had abilities but I've never had any abnormal abilities. Yeah I can think of a solution to a problem when no one else can, so what many people can do that.” Standing with her hands resting by her legs Lieutenant Victoria Harley tried to look as intimidating as possible while not being to disrespectful of the Bashaar.

“My dear have a seat and let me explain some thing.” sitting down behind his desk the CB looked almost like a older version of her father. “You see, a few years back a small group of people started to display the ability to use their minds as computers. Not for making calculations mind you, but for making decisions based on limited data. After much testing we found out that in 99% of the test subjects when given very limited data on a situation their predictions of what would happen did. Now these people call themselves the human simulators, because of how accurate they were in their predictions.”

“Sir, are you trying to say I am some type of human computer or some thing. I will work for you if don't feed my any more bull$#!T like that,” said Harley with a voice that would have scared a weaker man.

“You will not speak to me in that way I care nothing about who your father nor your mother are but only what you accomplish while working here. Do you understand you little shungi?”

Working in Section 13 was never boring there was always some thing for Her to do. She missed the days when she could work hours on end to solve a problem of why a particular system. Remembering how the photon weapons project went or how the cerebral control and data transfer project failed but almost worked before the funding was cut.

Then one day an accident in the lab next to hers caught fire and almost destroyed her work. In the end the accident was determined to have been caused by one of her experimental nano-bots who's soul purpose was to be able to fit into a probe that might help find life or more. She had it almost perfected to where as they deployed from the canister half would turn to manufacturing a device to recharge their batteries, produce sub space transceivers, and make more nano-bots. Their programming had a few bug it was true, once in a while a bot went rogue and tried to kill other bots but that was because of their AI software.

The more she thought back to those days the more she missed them. All of a sudden she felt as if her body was being left behind, as she opened her eyes Bashaar Harley saw a huge lush green field of clover, grass, and wildflowers. Looking around she saw a translucent being.

“I am Demetreus, member of the Tri-Counsel and a first evolution. You must be Bashaar Veronica Harley. Now as you look around all you see is on the fourth plane of beings. We normally reside on the first plane of beings. Your kind showed mine how to reach this plane, but i fear that after the great war between the two fractions of the third evolution your kind forgot how to get here. For So long we have watched your planet expand and evolve thinking you were the only beings able to reach the stars. For to long we have fought your war.”

“What war and what do you mean Forth Plane of Beings. Where do you get your information because as far as i know humans are evolved from monkeys, and as for teaching aliens something i would think it would be the other way around.”

“Yes in many aspects it was our kind that taught your many things but in the ways of transcending the body your kind has always been the superior force. Now back to the reason i spent the energy to bring you here. Many thousand of years ago your kind evolved from the Second evolutions, at first your kind was seen as freaks and unnatural. Slowly the Seconds found out you were smarter faster and more powerful then they were. At this point in time a great attempt was made to execute all Thirds in the star systems they controlled. Unfortunately for the Seconds your kind was preparing for an assault and rescue mission. As they Free Allied Thirds moved forward with their plan sweeping assault of the Great Imperialist Alliance of Planets they freed all Third evolution slave the Seconds had.” As Demetreus explained the history the scenery around them changed from a field to what he was talking about.

“Ok and what does that have to do with my self and my crew? Are we in some type of danger?” Placing her hands on her hips Veronica decided that she must know what was the real danger, and why this alien keep calling humans the third evolution.

“All will become clear with time. As far as i can tell you have the ability to be a time walker. There were very few third evolution time walkers after the war. Have you ever seen the future in a dream. Have you ever felt like you had done something before just to have it turn into a full blown case of deja' vu?”

“Hasn't everyone had that happen, yeah i may have it once or twice a week but not more. I mean come on predicting the future is just science fiction. If i weren't experiencing this i would say some one was on drugs.”

“I must go the second evolution are trying to ascend to this plane.” turning his head Demetreus vanished from sight. As she stood there looking at the spot where he had been a light appeared where he was. As the light grew brighter she started to hear the sound of medical monitors all around her.

Blinking her eyes she asked “What the hell just happened to me?” The nearest medic stared at her in disbelief, again she spoke “I order you to tell me what happened to me and why i am here and not on the command deck?”

“Ma'am your eyes went blank, and not blank like you went blind but blank like no color at all. After that you started to speak gibberish. We tried to wake you but it was like you were in a trance,” said the nearest medic as he checked the bio-sensors.

On the Bridge of the Informants Nightmare a debate was raging on rather or not attack a small farming colony planet on the out rim of the Earth Empire. On one hand it had no strategic value but on the other if the planet was captured it could be of help with vital food supplies to the United Confederate Planets. The only problem the Commander found was that the Admiralty had refused his request for two other heavy assault ships. Knowing that each of the heavy assault ships had enough fire power to blast a small moon into submission, most planetary leaders surrender at the mere sight of on but the leaders of New Dublin like most of the population were a peaceful people, but if provoked they had been known to attack with small bands of raiding parties and cripple other planets comm systems and other vital systems.

Robert Albertis the Ships Commander stood up and turned to the Tactical Display and pointed out twenty targets, saying “If we can stay cloaked and hit all these targets then their planetary defenses will be broken. Comm. In ten minutes I want you to send out a probe but have it cloaked while it travels to the first planet in the system and then back on a vector that does not show where we are. The probe should carry a message saying the Empirical Earth forces have done this as a test of some new Cloaked Super Destroyer. Everyone to your battle stations we are about to attack....................
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