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That was a lot of sanding.....I thought that you were going for a flood type armor.....but that looks great!!!!


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You have done an amazing job with that sanding and filling work!

Cheers :D

Looks really good! Other than rondo can you recommend any other fillers for filling 3D prints?

There are products like XTC 3D and primer filler that help but I’d prefer to do it this way

That was a lot of sanding.....I thought that you were going for a flood type armor.....but that looks great!!!!

Ha Thanks yeah I lather the thing up like icing on a cake then sand it all back



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I was lucky enough to purchase one of these completed helmets from Daniel and I cannot speak highly enough of his work. It’s seriously FLAWLESS!! I can’t wait to build a proper head display for it. And Daniel I hope you’ll be making casts of that chest piece!!!


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Are you going to build a full set of armor and sell it?

I'm only going to be making the armour for myself.
This looks really nice so far! So as you go are you going to open the models up to the community so we can build our own?
I will not be releasing my files but there are some really good files better then mine out there already.

I started work on the gauntlet. I'm looking to go to supernova in December so I'm pushing to have this done by then.


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Got one of the shins done today
I’m not going to the level of detail I would usually because the suit is innacurrate (I made the files back only when the first trailer dropped) and will be my personal stunt suit for skits and vids. It will get damaged either way.



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The under-suit will be made from latex. I made a negative template on my mannequin out of tape then transferred the patterns to 2mm mdf. I glue all the pieces down and sealed it with fibreglass resin. Once cured I painted it with enamel and wet sanded for a smooth finish. After several days of layering latex I demolded it and I now have flexible material I can glue to my morph suit. All the pieces will be made this way as it is a cheap way to do things with the supplies I have.



Everything is looking awesome! Really loving the quality being put in. However is it a whole latex under suit your doing or just sections? Maybe I missed it but I would expect you would try and get some breathability out of the suit so you don’t over heat.

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