Xtremenoobs - Halo Infinite Build


Ill start off by I haven't been around for a while. But with the launch of the trailer I have been motivated more and started to final come back from my hiatus.
So this will be a journey and I hope you will enjoy the ride.

This is a model I have spent the past few days on. Final details have not been added but I am slowly getting there.


Until the next one


Wow, nice work. You and others have help make sure progress in making from scratch and cleaning up older files. Big shout! I keep trying to get my mid teen sons into 3d modeling stuff for me but they have no motivation and I just can't sit at a computer for hours (specially since I haven't used autocad or fusion360 in almost 1 year. Id have to relearn everything again. ) Looks awesome Xtremenoob.