Zombies now a halo 3 gametype?!?!

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TaC 04

YES; i was looking throught the screenshots once more and stumbled upon this photo:

nothing unusual..but notice the game text on the lower left(zoomed)

You beatdown Tingamer
You Infected Tingamer
Tingamer has become a zombie

and a bio hazard sign centered at the bottom

sounds like zombies got itself a new gametype; FINALLY no CHEATERS!
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I also read somewhere... I'm really not sure where, that you can have Flood AI come at you and it's a type of survival game. Don't quote me on that, though
Thats friggin awesome, now i dont have to mod to make a flood survival game in h3, I can take it easy now, makin it for halo 2 was hard enough, halo 3 probally would have been impossible

"Zombies" and now "Infection"...I...I might wet myself...

I must tell all my friends! and they MOCK me for getting on MJOLNIR during school...
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