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  • Hehe... I think I'm the top dog when it comes to Halo in the country! LOL
    How are things over there, bro?
    I'm truly disappointed at how far downhill mcfarlane toys has gone with the halo line. I've had to repaint a marine, and ODST, Noble six, and an ODST spartan because of that and don't even get me started about a totally silver MA5C that came with the ODST... and yeah its a photoshopped image, but thanks!
    Its a long story, haha. Its two action figures. The ODST was custom built from other action figures and repainted by me. The Master Chief there came from the store with (I kid you not) 2 left hands. So I tore off the right arm and made it all bloody and had the odst spartan carrying him out of battle. Later on, I used Topaz adjust in Photoshop and some internet background to make a cool pic that i liked lol. I thought it was pretty epic.
    WOW Alix you HALO Halcyon-class Cruiser C709 "Pillar of Autumn" is
    AMAZING. your attention to detail is extraordinary. I too am a huge fan of the "ships" of HALO.... I have 3D models of almost all of them
    and am currently working on unfolding them for PEPAKURA.

    Is there any chance you will be making a mold of this WORK OF ART

    If you do make a mold I would love to purchase one.

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