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    The A-Team seasons 1-5 dvd to his energy level.
    More specifically would he able to keep the energy up if he tried to juggle several different gigs? Kelly Ally McBeal on dvd is perky and all, but she shouldn't have to do all the heavy lifting on her own.
    Heya buddy! What ever happened to the "Rate your armor" thread, I remember having a great time looking that over!
    Yeah, sorry about the lack of communication. School has gotten super busy for me up here, and I've been job searching as well. Anyway, I ordered a helmet from a guy on the boards because I simply don't have the time, materials, or work area to pep one and fiberglass it. It should be done this month. Also, I've started on the chest piece out of foam. Took forever to cut it all out of the foam! I had to wait to get a low temp glue gun, because the high temp one was making it to hot, and I think it was actually melting the foam a little.... Anyway, after this week, my hardest midterm paper will be done (at 38 pages currently with more to go) and I should have a lot more time to work on it. I plan to have it all done by Free Comic Book Day on March 1st, so I'll be hitting it hard here soon. I'll try to keep you posted!
    Ye bud I just got the HElm file when I checked my Email thank you. I'll see about foaming it with 1/4" material rather than the Half inch stuff I've been using.
    Ok, so what I'm going to do is print out most of the low def pieces to use as a basic template, then when I have the initial shape, I will add detail using the high def files as templates. I think it should work pretty smooth. Also, I'm buying a helmet off of BountyKnight on here because I frankly don't have the resources here at college to do fiberglass and resin. LOL!
    Hey man, do you have any experience working with the foam? I've been staring at the pep files trying to figure out how I want to mod them to make the chest piece, which I want to tackle first. I've been breaking it down into sections that I feel can be made from a single piece, then layered from there. Do you know of any templates people have used and uploaded on here, or elsewhere, for foam Mk VI armor? I haven't been able to find any on the forums that I have access to. Thanks man!
    Well.... break came and went, and I only have the top of the helmet, and the lower right jaw pepped. It would be nice if I could just access the classifides and buy a helmet, then make the rest of the armor myself. I've decided to go the way of the foam armor simply because I have all the materials to make it, and I don't want to try dealing with resin and glass in a dorm room for obvious reasons. LOL!
    How is your Mando project coming?
    Awesome! Looks good! I was a lot busier today than I though I would be. Go figure. I'll hopefully have time tomorrow. Grrrr, not enough time in the day! I'll start a thread on here and Mercs once I have the helmet pepped.
    Thanks! Yeah, I've always liked chain mail. Quick question concerning the Halo armor. Do you recommend Fiberglass and resin, or the Hot glue method? I could easily do either one, but which do you recommend? I'm getting close to finishing my helmet. Sort of. :p Got the top half about done. Also, what did you use for the visor?
    Sorry it took me so long to respond! I've been really busy over break. Here is a link to my build. I need to update it actually. Due to recent changes in the CRL's, I've updated my gauntlets, which are now hammered out of the same steel and painted black to match the rest of the kit. I've also ditched the chain mail sleeves. Let me know what you think!
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Ayo, 17 y/o, from Malaysia. I like to build stuff and things. yeeeeeaaaaahhh

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