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    Hey, I saw where you posted the portal gun and the portal boots a while ago. Do you perhaps have the unfolded boots? If you do I would greatly appreciate it.
    also would you be so nice to tell me how you made the circles ? on the companion cube?
    Hey Bevbor, hopefully you can help with this since it is your model. I came across a sliced BR55 of yours and I downloaded it, but when I went to extract the file, I was asked for a password. I never encountered this before when I extract files that have been zipped so I hoping that maybe you would be able to shed some light on this. Thanks. :)
    Hi dude. Just a quick one. where do you buy your Card from. The card that you used to build your companion cube?
    Hy, sorry for disturbing you, but you wrote in a forum that you made a model in solidworks.
    As I m used to this softwear too, could you be so nice and tell me
    how you converted it into a pdo(obj) ?

    Thank you for your answer

    Hey, I finished unfolding the Sith Trooper armor.
    I've pepped the handplates, but my hands won't fit through the back of the handplate, but they do fit through the one in front. I've already tried making the hole bigger, but it still doesn't work. So if possible, could you please make it at least twice as large for me?
    I'll unfold that as well
    You are AWESOME.
    I just have to place the pieces by their place in the file and I'm done.
    The file is awesome.
    Oh this is going to be alot of work for the peppers, lots of pages too...

    And I'm almost done with the Sith Trooper armor, I love KOTOR!
    Yes, I know, the length is 876 mm, but in which dimension do I set it? Height, width or depth? I'd guess width, but I'm not sure
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January 17