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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: JustinG Profession: school right now probably enginer vualintier Age: 13 Favorite Hobby:video games, editing, creating, and sports Favorite part of Halo: when Master Chief and The Arbiter kill the Prophet Favorite Halo: 1 Favorite Video Game: Halo and COD Other Interests: Hockey...
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    other pep sites

    hey guys i've had halo pep for a while i was wondering if anybody knew any assassin's creed or other game pepakura sites
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    sorry didnt know
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    thanks guys ive already been to the hunters lair and im finding some cool stuf and Viglint sniper ur directions werent that clear to me but thanks again guys ill keep this page updated and show some pictures once i start making the armor and if anybody else has any pred peakura please let me...
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    i was told i should do a introducing type thread this is sort of it and im really just trying to do everything i can to get started on my pred costume i started on the mask but it wasnt numbered so i have to number it myself which is gonna take forever so i just need some help
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    hi guys i just started on 405th and im a big fan of halo,army of two,and predators i have heard some people say that this is is a halo site and i understand im trying to make a pred costume and ive only found bios and my computer wont let me download some other stuf so if u guys could help...
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    predator armor

    thanks iv already been to those i got the masks but i cant get the armor let me know if u find any more
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    predator armor

    i useing fiberglass and resin but im only usinga few parts the rest i can buy from ruby's i really only need the chest and plasma caster
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    predator armor

    i need like the chest the wrists the plasma caster if possible and the rest of the body armor im doin this because i dont have enough money to make my own and i have a due date
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    predator armor

    hi guys i am working on a predator costume,i have the the bio mask and i only need the armor i have found some but i cant open them or download them so if u guys could help me out it would mean a lot