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    Pepping Everything

    looks good keep up the work
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    How To Scale Your Armour - Tutorial

    thanks for the methods :D
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    I Hate My Work On My Pred

    i think it looks great.
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    Scalig Help?

    WOW THANK YOU VERY MUCH you do not know how much i needed this thank you!!!!
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    Odst Nightshade Edited Files

    looks good i would use this someday....
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    Easy Hd Helmet

    i wouldn't start off with HD PEPs,i would go for something small first then work my way up like do an frag grenade first you know something small then work your way up.
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    0 Views? Is That Possible?

    i think its a glitch to be honest
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    [Wip] Needle's Halo1 Marine

    keep it up!
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    Reach Scratch Build !updates!

    looking cool keep it up :D
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    Halo 3 Flag

    looks cool
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    Kodoreis Odst Costume Build

    looks like its going good
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: John Profession: student and (hopeful) future solider in the armed forces Age: 15 Favorite Hobby: Video Games Favorite part of halo: The story it's just epic and rich with lore Favorite Halo: 3 Favorite Video Game: Halo or COD series Other Interests: Music, fitness and general...