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  • Hello carpathia, my name is John, or ToughToasties. That is also my gamertag for if you want to play Reach sometime. I just wanted to wish you good luck on the armor, because i have been looking at it lately and think it is really good.
    hey Carp, what is your gt for xbox, if you don't mind adding me s a friend?
    mine is WakeJunkie (my dad's gamertag)
    Hey Carp quick question did you bondo on the inside of the armor parts. and how do yeah scale again i forgot i havnt done it in forever???
    Thanks man i owe you.
    I've got a few more thing that needs unfolding it's a low def reach ar and dmr.
    check your inbox.
    I dont mind if you dont unfold it.
    Just in case anyone wants it.
    Uh, ok. It looks like a modification of an AK-47 to me, which is an assault rifle. Anyway, the unfold is done, check your email. Hope it works for you.
    what ar are you talking about?
    i didn't send you an ar...
    But for the unfold, just make a straight unfold
    I'm going to be modifying the sketchup model soon. The model, for an assault rifle, seems a bit thin to me, so I'll make it a little thicker and then get to unfolding. I appologize for how long this is taking, I've been swamped with school lately as mid-term is this week. When I do unfold it, do you want a straight unfold, or do you want me to break it down into smaller parts like I've done in the past?
    jholland311: I am not at a skill level to be making armor for other people right now. And at the moment, for a while anyway, I simply do not have the time to even work on my own stuff. So, sorry, but no.
    Hey! I just wanted to say awesome work on your projects! Your Carter armor is impressive. Viewing projects like yours have inspired me to give it a shot. I'm starting small (Carter's knife) to get practice, but eventually plan to make a whole suit. Thanks for posting so many pictures and giving details of your build!
    I've tried making several helmets within the past year and I'm just not that good, any way I could pay you to make one and ship it? I'll give you the width or whatever and pay for the resin, pepping, and shipping.
    Depends on your head size. When I built the helmet, it wasn't unfolded yet, so I unfolded it at a height of 30cm. My head height (bottom of chin straight up to the level of the top of my head) is 28cm. Whatever your head height is, add a few cm and that is your height. I'm not sure what scale the unfolder of the existing file unfolded it at, so you'll have to check.
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