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Feb 12, 2019
Mar 27, 2009
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Jul 22, 1979 (Age: 39)
Belleville, IL, USA
Architectural Support


Well-Known Member, 39, from Belleville, IL, USA

New site?? When the heck did this happen? Jan 10, 2017

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Feb 12, 2019
    1. Carpathia
      New site?? When the heck did this happen?
    2. Lowcone494
      well i'm a week out from finishing summer school... (hates eng 10) and i have made some non scaled MKVI low def parts to be my test once i get a job and buy the resin and stuff, i want to have this done by October.
    3. Lowcone494
      I watched the video you did o your MK VI suit and i have had a lot of insight to how much work this really is, i planned to have it done by this October but when you said yours took 14 months, i'm wondering if its possible to do it in my time frame.
    4. MissingSpartan7
      ...wait, what happened to your username? Where did the vh99 go?
    5. ViperB77
      Hello again Carp! Hope all is well, and thanks again for all your work on the site!
    6. Angus314
    7. Xarmymustang
      Hello sir, i was wondering if you might have finished those wonderful unfolds for the recruit armor that broken visor beautifully made? No rush at all was just curious. And thank you for your time
    8. Nogood
      Carpathiavh99 I am working on a project of making 2 Kat suits... sadly I can't post a new thread in the noob forum... Not sure why

      Anyways I got lots of pictures and step by step what I've done

      2 Kat suits in 1 year is the Goal--- I got a plan for each month and so forth =) Hope you can help!
    9. MrSniper237
      A LOT of Spartans died for the UNSC, but you, once again, stopped halo, the flood, went into cryo for GAWD KNOWS how long (Thanks, bitgie) and then, after all of that, managed to come out for another 3 games. Wow. No, im not talking about the cheif. Im talking about all the Halo fans that have stayed true!!!
    10. PigBenis
      Hey jason. Im sorry to ask so dumb but are there any updated reach armor files ? Need it for my second project ( whole suit ) . I have atm BMC Clain pep files .
      If u know smthing tell me please. but dont do researches for me . just wanted to safe a bit time :)
    11. ViperB77
      You is a Cooool.
    12. Jack7226
      Grats on being promoted to moderator :-)
    13. Xarmymustang
      Love the detail of the Reach sniper rifle you unfolded, I'm putting it toegether right now and it makes me crosseyed but it will be worth it. Thank you for your effort into this
    14. MikyVengeance
      Thanks pal! :P
    15. SpartanNj83
      Hey I am looking make a master chief and carter armor set. I want to try pep I love the results everyone has been getting with that. I am looking for a mentor to help me out.
    16. Spartan_127
      Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!
    17. MrSniper237
      Thanks for mentor thing.
    18. MikeyTheNOob
      Thanks for getting me assigned in the mentor program, carpathiavh99.
    19. SpartanT117
      I built your M6B model the other day, it's in my Hazop build thread. Wanted to thank you for an awesome file and all the hard work that went into it.
    20. Nogood
      Thanks for the helpful tip about toothpaste and spray paint xD

      I used it in several places- I'm not a pro at it yet but It is fun to the method
    21. fumball
      thank you so much for your help carparthiavh99!
      now i could finally start making my armor!
    22. ToughToasties
      Hello carpathia, my name is John, or ToughToasties. That is also my gamertag for if you want to play Reach sometime. I just wanted to wish you good luck on the armor, because i have been looking at it lately and think it is really good.
    23. Road Kill
      Road Kill
      hey Carp, what is your gt for xbox, if you don't mind adding me s a friend?
      mine is WakeJunkie (my dad's gamertag)
    24. c00ki3monster
      Hey Carp quick question did you bondo on the inside of the armor parts. and how do yeah scale again i forgot i havnt done it in forever???
    25. SIDNESS
      hey dude bit random here but do you know anyone who is good at unfolding models in pepekura?
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    Jul 22, 1979 (Age: 39)
    Belleville, IL, USA
    Architectural Support
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    Halcyon Pillar
    I'm former Navy. Finished up school with a Master of Architecture degree. Married with two daughters. Yup, I'm still here.

    Airsoft, models, armor, video games, movies, ect. Love my entertainment.


    My [Complete] Halo 3 Mk VI Build! (Still active!)
    Bungie Purist - The only 343 armor I will even consider is Master Chief's.
    "Every soldier, marine, airman and sailor should be honored for volunteering to do what others refuse to do."
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