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  • hey man, i was wondering when you werre doing google sketchup and you made the security helmet, how did you intersect the pictures like tat?
    Hi, first off I'm impressed with your sliced M6C file. Yet when I tried to download it 4shared wasnt letting me. Any idea whats happening with it?
    Hey I was looking through the Reach thread and saw ur Spartan laser model. Did someone ever unfold it after u changed the barrel?
    Alright, but I have developed a different method, but I'm not sure whether I can do it or not, cuz I'm busy with my ODST and Reach build. What did u order again, oh and I wouldn't mind trading to.
    Depending on method, I have no AR for sale but I do have BRs for sale. A method of Foam core poster board, hardened with plaster cast and carved out details with lights is RM150 but prices go up if requested add-ons like the lights and the magazine, and there is the NERF way, starts from a nerf recon, painted, RM170, confirmed price.
    May I know how old are you?
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April 13


SIDNESS;500106 said:
i have come to realise recently that its a good feeling when you make a model unfold it yourself and build it, then just being able to look at what you have created :)