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    Engraved Southern Regiment Box Tags

    Sent you a PM. :) Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using Tapatalk
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    Engraved Southern Regiment Box Tags

    I actually had an idea of carving a mounting bracket for the Stanley boxes. The blank space in them is so big it'd cost alot more to make. But if I covered only the Stanley logo the CNC machine would have a hard time engraving that small. My idea was to put a frame around the name plate that...
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    Engraved Southern Regiment Box Tags

    I started to make box tags like this for my local 501st friends. I showed one to Kevin and we decided I should make one that would work for my 405th regiment as well. So with some help on the design from Rob Letts I was able to get it approved. The tag is brushed silver on black. It is 12" x...
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    My first full build.(MJOLNIR Mark IV Powered assault)(pic heavy-ish)

    Looking awesome so far. Wish it wasn't freezing at my place so I could rain. Really like the gloves.
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    ODST Foam/Pep Build [Pic Heavy]

    Well I rockes my costume at the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention this weekend. Helped out the 501st with some charity work while I was there.
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    Dragoncon 2015 // Hotels // Tickets // Info

    I'll be there one way or another. It'll be a 5 hour drive for me so if anybody in the Memphis area would want to car pool thats be nice. Id like it if I could room up with somebody too. Just message me if you are interested.
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    ODST Foam/Pep Build [Pic Heavy]

    They work really well. You just have to get their lengths perfect to avoid spikes on the inside of your suit. Any ways I replaced the car. And I also did a bunch more work on the helmet. Plus a test fitting when I went to a party.
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    ODST Spartan Foam Build

    I wore a marine costume at school last year. Whole day, I was exhausted by the end of the day. It didn't help I rode the bus either. I can't imagine that in a Spartan or ODST build.
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    ODST Foam/Pep Build [Pic Heavy]

    I have done a ton of work since my last update. I finished the first shin and I am ALMOST done with Bondo on the helmet. Here are some images. Also got paid to smooth out a imperial guard helmet.
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    Securing armor on without it FALLING!? Frustrated >:(

    I would think it would work but heat guns are like 8 bucks at harbor freight.
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    ODST Suit

    It isn't bad, but I'm sure with some more practice you can make a great suit! It is much better than the first suit I ever finished.
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    Making ODST armor. watch my progress..

    If you have not added fiber glass already, I would reccomemd using a rondo mixture to reinforce the front areas.around the visor. I used Hugh's file for my helmet and im having a night.mare about the front part and I wish I.had just.rondoed it to start with.
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    Securing armor on without it FALLING!? Frustrated >:(

    I either have the part nice and tight and it hugs my body to.stay.on. Or I use machine screws and washers to keep parts on. It is not that comfortable but its cheap and does the job.
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    My first foam build I WILL FINISH THIS ONE IF IT KILLS ME

    I print it out like a pepfile, then I find the faces that look like they can be put together to reduce seams. Then i trace them onto the foam. I leave out small edges and details so I can add.them.later with.foam. I also only print out one half of the file since most parts can just be.mirrored.
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    Mark IV! First time pepakura

    Looks great! Just wondering where you found the files. A while back I was going to make a MkIV but I.couldn't find any files for the legs and arms