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    I would form an alliance with Chuck Norris, only because he is he only one who can defend against Zombie Bruce Lee.
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    Help me please

    This situation has happen to me twice now. The first time my cable splitter had degraded or something. The second time the technician just re-wired something to get the signal up. I suggest just calling customer support and troubleshoot it from there.
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    A Real Ent

    Check out this Treeman
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    Has Halo broke your 360?

    My power-brick literally melted Sunday morning after an hour of halo. I called Xbox up right afterward and got a coffin sent. The power-brick was an official replacement one so I find it kind of strange that it ended up failing to the point of melting. (Melted inward on half of the bottom, was...
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    Sorry I suppose.

    Just take it down(edit your post), no need to make a big deal out of this.
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    405th... promotional stuff

    Beyond the cutting edge
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    Best FPS

    I really like the Orange Box, mainly because you can switch between games easily, and they are all fun for me.
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    Girly Advice

    Get a girlfriend, cheat on her, get the other girls to gossip about it. Your single till college. jk?
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    why we love video games/ are addicted

    Look at it this way, all animals have basic needs--food, shelter, reproduction etc. Even built into the human brain are these basic needs. Now to achieve these needs in a primitive sense, one must fight, kill, steal, cheat, rape, etc for survival. Its built into our brains (the old brain). You...
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    Xbox 360 discussion

    If you have a first generation 360 your odds are about 99%. It shouldn't really affect it if you play it indoors, its designed for use inside. -------- I don't like how my first gen 360 broke a week out of warranty(the extended one year one they implemented) plan they added, however after an...
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    i made my sig

    -Replying to darthturkey- I'm in the same boat as you, I'm going on about 4 years of just playing around with Photo Shop v7. It's pretty easy to use and I've come out with some decent sigs. The sig im using right now was made last week after about a year of not using photoshop. Took me about 2...
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    i made my sig

    You should get a more advanced program for those kind of things. I use photoshop, but a good free one is gimp. ( Looks good for paint.
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    i made my sig

    Its alright, doesn't look like you spent to much time on it tho.
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    Whats Your Controller Setup?

    I'm just curios what controller figuration people are using. Buttons: Jumper/Bumper Joysticks: Regular non inverted Sensitivity: 3 I like it a lot because you can aim while jumping, and you can aim melee.
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    Halotivational Posters

    quick one [attachment=1656:sfce.jpg]