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    I found the halo "ships" pep files!!!!!!!!!

    Link seems to be broken. anyone know another link for this?
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    first slice attempt Pic abundant

    New to all this and I looked but could not find the answer to this question. Are sliced models made up of layers and stacked together? I have this image in my head of layers of cardboard each a little different so when they are stacked they look like the model. Am I close?
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    Immortal King from World of Warcraft

    I realize this is a long dead thread but I wanted to point out the pep file for the helm is passworded and will only open in Viewer. Unless you can get the password from the author there is no way to resize it/
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    Pepakura Lich King Armor

    I have the helm, a short version of frostmorne and the full size version that came from a warcraft paper model website. I did a search on google for warcraft paper models and it was the second site listed. The hard part was going through every entry to find the files I wanted. PM me if you want...
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    World of Warcraft Armor WIP

    I speak English and have no idea what is either. I'm about to start my own WoW models. I'll be doing Arthas' helm and Frostmorne. I like your stuff so far. Keep us posted.
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    I found the halo "ships" pep files!!!!!!!!!

    Not sure if this will help anyone but I found this a week or so ago. Its a pdf of a pelican. The pdf has no instructions but there are some on the page.
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    I found the halo "ships" pep files!!!!!!!!!

    It says your inbox is full. Can I get the password please? My son and I want to make these to display. I'm disabled and we make models and props for short film and we both love Halo.
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    Reach foam armor and Pilot helmet wip

    This has totally inspired me. I just bought a 6 pack of the foam and only needed one piece. NowI have something new to try. I am needing a space suit for a scifi video me and some family and friends are wanting to try and this has given me several ideas. That was awesome. I hope what ever I...
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    "Help!" for: Armor Mounting / Costume Assembling

    Something worth trying would be taking craft foam and glue in strips to form a lining like those in football helmets. I would put strips from front to back to top of the back of the head then strips across the back of the head and over and around the ears as well as a few across the forehead. I...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Dale Burden Profession: Disabled Age: 40 Hobbies: Prop making, movie making, gamer, models Favorite Movies: 28 days later, Night of the living dead, R.E series, Ironman, Batman Begins, The Darnk Knight, Rampage, I sam ledend, I robot Favorite books:The incarnations of immortality by Pierz...