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    Spartan Children

    thats heaps cool
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    War Machine Armor. Iron Man 2 The Movie

    Just seeing that has made my day!
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    Mech Simpit

    thats gonna be sweet!!
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    Anyway, its nice to see some variety on how to make these visors.
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    look like pretty sweet glasses regardless!
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    Pooper At Video Games Live

    Pooper, you're my inspiration to build all the lower half myself.
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    Favourite Film

    Each of us has a favourite film. I suggest to talk here on this theme... To tell about the favourite cinema...
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    Keegan's Official Project Thread

    Looking good, hope it all turns out like WIN.
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    O. D. S. T. & Recon Helmet Replica

    audio quality on the video was great
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    Movie Marathon

    Nice vid :rolleyes
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    Movie Marathon