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    my bondo is acting strangely

    It's the 1:1 mix of Fiberglass Resin and Bondo Body filler, stated above :D ~Epyon (WOO! 50 posts! :D )
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    heat gun+plastics over flat item

    It might work well....but I'd be afraid that the thickness wouldnt be the same at all of the spots if you did it like that.....Feel free to experiment though! I'd recommend messing around with it and trying. You never might stumble onto a good alternative to Vac-forming :D ~Epyon
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    How to make pep helmet

    That looks like the exact same Halo 2 MK VI model that's in our pepakura thread..... I wonder if he really did any work on it... I'm not convinced ~Epyon EDIT: Yeah, I just went to and looked up the PDF he had of it....It's folded into the exact same pieces...He just...
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    Roman numerals and suits!

    Apparently, It's becoming a very good collection of information about all the different variations of MJOLNIR armor, through all of its stages... It'll be a good place to direct people when they have questions about what's what or if they'd like to find out some details. And dwoo, I'm glad you...
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    Dual light strips all over MC Armor

    It's a film? That'd be awesome......and perfect :D Hopefully someone knows a more about it than I do... ~Epyon
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    Some Questions

    I voted MC green, just cause it's a good base color, and the fact that I'm a big woods/ recreational paintball guy and I'd like it better. That, or I'd go with some other color that I'd personally like, or something. I like the idea of using the Boot as an actual Boot, and then adding Tread to...
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    Polyurethane or Fiberglass?

    Sweet....didnt know what the paintball min was.....but of course, i'm assuming those 2 layers has some bondo on the outside as well :p 10 layers???? Holy cow, Robo! That's like the weight of steel and I'd wager that it could take some low caliber shots.... o.0 Good grief! I'm making mine...
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    Polyurethane or Fiberglass?

    although I don't know a lot about using polyurethane.....I know that fiberglass can be extremely strong. First of all, Fiberglass is as strong as you want it to be... If you put enough layers into it, you can make it almost indestructible; and I know that 2-4 layers of the stuff, properly...
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    Wearing the armor

    I agree that Padding is nice....using some nice, open cell foam (so it breathes) keeps the armor comfortable while holding it in place. As to taking it on and was said in the Fall of Reach, that it took over 45 mins for techs, that were very familiar with the suits, to put it on a...
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    halo sound track

    Are there a lot of good ones on there? The Halo 2 music was just amazing to me, but I haven't found anything from Halo 3 that just jumps out at me yet.... I'll look it up :D That....and I might as well finish my collection :p ~Epyon
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    Styrofoam weapons

    oo! That's actually a GREAT idea! I hadn't thought of that.... For that short of a wire, that'll be more than enough; and those aren't that expensive, either :D Tell me how that works out! Good luck once again.. ~Epyon
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    Idea For Human Guns

    Yeah, Ariakon makes amazingly acurate military look-alikes for paintball....only problem is that they can be quite expensive and are mainly for Mil-sim paintball players that will shell out just a little more to get something that accurate. Can be a little expensive to build a prop weapon off...
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    pepakura used as a mold

    That sounds like some of the stuff that we used last year on our race car body panels.... Its Microlight Fairing Filler made by west sytem. It's a very fine powder that you mix in with mixed resin that you use as a body filler. It's kinda goopy, and you can make it as thick as you want by...
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    All pep helmets

    ORLY!?!?!???? Only thing with Gundam/Transformers/Robot costumes is that they aren't built to be worn by humans... : / Thats why I'm kinda partial to MJOLNIR armor :p As well as Ironman and Samus.... ~Epyon
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    Wiring LED TO helmet

    Do you mean how to wire one? or ways to mount it inside your helm? I could do something for the first one.... ~Epyon