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    Odst Game Accurate Grenade...done...

    I'm lovin that Sticky nade....looks perfect, but so do the other ones. The sticky just reminds me of good times on Xbox live ;) Great stuff man, keep up the amazing work
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    Let The Madness Begin, Or My Warthog Build.

    Wow, this is ridiculously amazing!! What ever you do don't stop now! you have a lot completed and several have attempted to tackle this project, but not even a handful have successfully completed it. Hellijumper had a very difficult time trying to accomplish this by himself, but your doing an...
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    Anime Fest 2009

    Amazing armor guys, you are the ones that are inspiring all of us newbies to tackle the complicated endeavor that is armor building (pepakura in this case lol). Can't wait to have my own set done so i can join in on the fun. On another note, I joined this forum only a day or so ago and have seen...
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    Halo Arms Ftr .50 Cal Sniper Rifle

    sounds like a pretty awesome idea. If you win you definitely have to post some progress pics. Either way let us know what happens, good luck!
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    Odst Live Action Reference Thread

    Wow, this trailer is tell the truth I wasn't all that interested in this game until I saw this. Nice advertising got me lol. Best part for me is while the drop ship is falling...really makes you feel like part of it...good stuff