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    Looking For Some Minnesota Conventions

    does anyone know of any good conventions in minnesota to show of my armor?
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    Most Detailed Pepakura Programs?

    Thanks Jurgen and Freeman for going above and beyond. i've already begun work, i'll start a progress thread.
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    Most Detailed Pepakura Programs?

    so i've been noticing quite a few pep programs floating around for various parts of the suit(s), and so i was just wondering, which files do you guys find the best and most detailed? _Echo (i did do a search for this thread and could find nothing, if it already exists please don't...
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    Is It Worth The $$$?

    is buying a halo armor set, or a storm trooper armor set worth the money to buy? what sort of things can you use it for, and when can you use it besides Halloween?
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    how much would you spend on an iron man helmet?

    if by scratch build you mean working from the ground up, then yes.
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    how much would you spend on an iron man helmet?

    i'm thinking on making a few, but i want to make sure i have a market.
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    how much would you spend on an iron man helmet?

    what's the absolute most you would pay for a good quality iron man helmet.
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    using an ipod as a tv

    but i wonder if i could use AV couplings...hmm, i'll try this and post my results.
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    using an ipod as a tv

    i found a cable the other day that allowed for playing of ipod videos on a tv. i was wondering, can this be reversed? and play a game system or hook up a dvd player to the ipod and use it as a tv? does such a cable exist? thanks...
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    which ones for slush casting?

    so i get to the smooth-on web site, and i look up the stuff for making molds/casts, and i find a huge list talking about stuff like viscosity. i have no idea what-so ever which product to purchase. can anyone help me out. i need stuff for making the mold, shell, and which stuff to use for slush...
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    Halo Wedding?

    hey man, you still alive and still interested? im nearly finished with your helmet.
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    questions in regards to molding

    can anyone give me a link to adams video ?
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    Would this be a good first car?

    another tip, don't use auto, go with
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    Would this be a good first car?

    no, i don't think this would be a good first car unless you want some issues to deal with. the car has 160,000 miles on it. at this point the thing will be beginning to have many problems with it. if i were you i wouldn't spend my money on anything over 80,000 miles. get something like an...