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    Special Batman cuirass / armor

    Yes it looks really good. But what I meant wasn`t that somebody "make" me the file. I think I can`t ask for that. I thought about finding an already existing file which is similar. Because online I found a lot of nice files and started to make a collection of files as inspiration for further...
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    Special Batman cuirass / armor

    Hey, I want to make myself a Batman costume. For this I need especially a good cuirass like this one: I don`t need a pepakura file which looks exactly like the shown armor. I can modify the armor later, but I`m searching for a...
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    My large Sniper

    Hey, here are some Pictures of my latest project. I´ve builded a sniper rifle which is 1,90 meters (6.24 feet) long. Do you like it, or has some tips for me, how I can improve the model? (packed of...
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    Searching for Viking helmet

    Hey, now that I made a halo and a predator helmet with pepakura, I want to make a helmet of a viking for carnival. But I can`t find any files which are similar to a viking helmet. Has anybody seen some or Can help me finding one? greetz fox_2_k
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    3D-Model To Pepakura

    Hey, I`ve installed Blender and loaded the file in the Collada format. Then I imported it to blender and exported it as an object-file. But the pepakura designer shuts down if I want to open the file. The file is has also only 1KB?!? My problem is, that I don`t know, what I should do with...
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    3D-Model To Pepakura

    Thanks Yttrium for the fast reply. I`ll try this tonight and look how far I`ll come.
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    3D-Model To Pepakura

    Hey, I´ve found a nice Sketchup-Model for a helmet of the Witch King here: (I copied the link, because of the copyright) But how can I get this model to pepakura, so I can cut it out and fold it? When I...
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    Anybody In Germany?

    Hey, I`m also from Germany. From the Pfalz --> Schorlee! :-) (falls jemand weiß was das ist) I`ve build my first helm. But it`s not painted yet.