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    Hey im frm S'pore too, can i check with u where to get all the stuff to build a suit of armour? Eg.Fibreglass and Resin?
    Hey Tim, tried getting back with ya, but it seems your inbox is full. Drop me a line when you get a chance. Thanks
    Hey, did those forearms make it to you okay? Can't remember if I heard from you about them or not. I got the visor addition, and it's awesome! I think I am going to mount it on my pilot helm.
    Hi Insanitarium89,
    thanks for the kudos, but I can't take credit for all the work. While i did the NVG/Rangefinder for the Noble 6 helmet, that helmet was built by Brandon McCain. The Recon was done by Dave [Ithica on the boards], who's currently serving the Country in a place that will stay anonymous...but we know has a lot of sand. :)
    Stay safe,
    Hi. I was browsing the forums looking for some skilled crafters and I saw your Game color Mk V helmet and HUL attachment from scratch. Very fine work indeed. Then I looked through some of your other posts amd I was impressed by your recon helmet. I was wondering if you would possibly be interested in making me an EVA helmet (the Reach version). I would of course pay for it. I'm just a huge fan of Halo and the EVA is one of my faveorites.
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