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    ODST Blood Type Shoulder Badges HERE

    Well you met me and I have O+ on mine. lol In all seriousness though, I really am O+. I've donated a lot of blood and was able to learn my blood type. hehe :P
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    FFA series number 21: Halo Index

    YES!!! I would love to have a print of this! Been actually wanting this for awhile now. I want to have it on display with my Halo stuff. :P
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    What are some events this year all of you are attending?

    I will actually be attending the Halo: Outpost Discovery in Chicago!!! :D It's my first out of state convention so I'm kind of excited and a little freaked out. lol I never travel so this will be a new experience. The whole family is coming, and my son, who will be 6 by the time we go, will be...
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    Model portfolio (Satchmo III)

    I'm still around. ;) I just dont come here often, but I do have a large following on instagram. Thats where I've been a lot lately. :P
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    Multi Regiment Event: Florence, KY Minor League Baseball Game, June 1, 2018.

    So it looks like the Halo turnout is going to be low again this year? That's a bummer. To make things worse, my helmet was accidently smashed (not by me) and I have no idea how to fix it. Plus I face having surgery on my right shoulder. I may have to miss this years event.
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    Multi Regiment Event: Florence, KY Minor League Baseball Game, Aug 12

    Well naturally, I am interested in going. How does the turnout look so far??
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    Scorch's Reach Torso V3 - Progress and Advice Request

    Instead of using a lighter, I would HIGHLY suggest in investing in a heat gun. They are pretty cheap and they are VERY helpful when you need to curve pieces such as the thigh armor. Secondly, using sandpaper on the bad edges helps a great deal too. ;) As for the gaps, foam is way more forgiving...
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    Props Halo NERF sniper mod

    Well I already figured that I would have to scale the sniper rifle pepakura to get the pieces I need to add to it and modify it. I'm just using this as a base to start with. ;)
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    Props Halo NERF sniper mod

    Hey-ooooooo! I am back on the scene and this time doing something a little different. At least, different for me anyway. xD I have NEVER made any prop weapons for myself and some time ago, I acquired this from a friend. :) I know of someone that used this particular model and made it into a...
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    halo mega bloks scale pepakura

    There are files for vehicles. I know there is at least a scorpion, warthog and ghost. However, building it at that small of a scale will be really tough since there are very small pieces. I don't understand why you would want to build something that small out of cardstock. O_o Wouldn't it just...
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    Foam armor templates for kids?

    Pepakura designer is still used even to make the foam templates. You just need foam friendly files for the armor you are looking for. If there are none, you can try to convert the files yourself or see if anyone can do it for you. :)
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    My ODST Recon Build

    It's not bad, but there is definitely room for improvement. ;) I can tell it looks like you need a sharper blade for one thing. The cut edges are pretty rough and that is due to a dull blade. Secondly, look into and learn about doing angled cuts. ;) This allows you to piece parts together and...
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    Best place to buy armor?

    First of all, you do NOT NEED a 3D printer. I don't have one and I make my stuff out of EVA foam. 3D printers are too expensive for me. :p As for where to get a set, you would just have to try and track someone down that takes commissions. Be prepared to spend A LOT more than you would if you...
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    Halo 3 Brute Shot foam build

    Looks pretty darn good to me! ^_^ Might be just me, but it looks like it could maybe be bigger, but you did a really great job on it. :)
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    Halo Reach Boots

    With the method you are using, MOST people use an actual pair of shoes, otherwise there is really no other way to wear them. :p This is also why it's important to measure the shoe you plan on wearing when you scale the boots so that the pieces fit over your shoe. Kind of like a boot cover. :)