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  • alright then well i'm just continue pepping the armor. btw i'm currently working on the final center plate and i'm trying to print it however a message pops up saying "The size of the paper specified by pepakura designer 3 does not match the printer setting. Change the scale?" I don't want to change the scale because it'll end up being smaller. However it has no problem when printing when i'm printing it in the portrait setting. What should I do?
    i'm working on the ODST armor and i'm gonna work on the helmet last but I kinda want to wear something to the reach release. Is it possible to get the helmet done before sept. 13? btw can you please leave a comment on my profile?
    I didn't build an RC helmet, but I did draw up the blueprints that Skupilkinson (Skip) used to model his from. I'm not sure if I can share them as I drew them up as a favor for him, but I'll try to find out and let you know.
    i have the same problem during the process...
    if you have to print the pages again and turn some pieces the numbers will change ...
    i dont use numers ... i chose not to print them, because they cause more problems than safe the time...

    open the pepakura designer / viewer while the folding process... its easy. i watched stargate sg1 ... the whole seasons ... thats some time wast ...

    but...you do it right... just take your time and not waste it with some normal glue... i pepped my first masterchief helmet with it, and it warped totally.

    what kind of helmet is yours?
    hot glue but during the process I make a mistake and the numbers don't line up exactly but they are in the right places.
    hey you probably don't know me but I saw your post in mccarty's and I have a question. I'm making ODST armor as well and i've decided to pep it first before going to resin and fiberglass. Anywho I saw a guy use cardboard to cover the pepakura model and then resin and fiberglass it. my question is Do I need to use cardboard along with my pepakura model or can I still use the cardstock model to create the armor.
    hey hey! yeah ive checked out your thread, looking great by the way :D
    i'll leave a comment in a minute on there, and my kat is going pretty well, ive got to model some more parts and it will be almost finished for bondo and the final paint job.
    how about yours?
    ive some problems with the code of the wordpress template... i have to code the whole site again because i cant transfer an excist template to the new one...

    btw: ive spend some time on my armor project
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