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    Halo 3 Marine Build (CH252 Helmet and M52B armor)

    Lookin' slick, Rook! This is really coming along nicely! Have you done anything else with the chest or other pieces?
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    Halo ID Card w/ Military ID card influence. (pic heavy)

    Them Oreos. They be everywhere....
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    Jorge's M247H Heavy Machine Gun WIP

    Oh my... it's simply beautiful..... D8
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    KAT ARMOR BUILD - with custom undersuit

    Siiiiick! I'm going to have to go back farther into the thread and see how you do your foam. Your pieces are breathtaking!!
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    My custom reach build; Spartan 151!

    Good job on the pepping! That is probably the hardest part because it gets so monotonous.... -.-"
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    Halo ID Card w/ Military ID card influence. (pic heavy)

    Hmm... have you thought about printing it out on some photo paper (the glossy stuff) or plastic or something? Love that you made one that everyone could do for themselves!! Thinking about making one but subbing the 405th emblem in in place of the ONI one....
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    Spartan 4 foam armor build (PIC HEAVY)

    Amazing build!! More and more it seems that foam is taking over here. I need to get started as soon as I get back!
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    Props Sliced MA5C w/ some slight mods and of course Pic Heavy!

    looks great! How's it weight-wise? By that , I mean is it not too much to carry around for extended periods of time? My M4 weighs less than that and it really gets annoying sometimes....
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    man in Halo armor stoped by cops........who is this?

    I was wondering when something like this would happen, lol. I'm also glad to see that I wasn't the only person that thought about putting an iPod on my armor as a datapad :D
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    Halo 4 armor Build

    Great build! You are almost making it look easy D:
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    ONI Security Card

    WOW! That looks frickin official!! I love how the silver/black turned out. Looks futuristic and slick!! For the clear plastic one, have you considered using an enamel or some other paint-type material to fill in the grooves? Kind of like a clear card with black lettering on it or...
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    vidofnir234's Reach Armor Build [Picture Heavy]

    I actually used the same pep for the M6D that you used when I first made it. I never got past the pepping stage and eventually had to toss it, along with all my slaved away work on my AR and my Mk. VI armor, when I enlisted. How are you planning on keeping the pieces together? I had put mine...
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    "Help!" for: Papercraft or Pepakura

    I second against expanding foam. I used it to fill my AR and it ended up leaking out of every imaginable point where the hot glue wasn't 100% there and ballooned out the sides. It took a LOT of pressing the sides in and holding with clamps to get it remotely close to how it was supposed to...
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    Props Spartan Laser Metal & Fiberglass Airsoft Prop (Fully Functioning Electronic Replica)

    Brilliant. Absolutely genius. While I've been trying to visualize a way to safely secure (E)SAPI plates into a suit (just to be able to say that my suit will have the removable capability to stop 7.62mm rounds..... because I can), I find out that we have a resident engineer, lol! I've flipped...
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    MK VI Foam Build

    Truly breathtaking work, drack. I know foam is flexible and spongy, but just how well does it hold up to general wear and tear? Also, does the paint chafe? Just wondering how different it is from fiberglassing. Again, excellent work. I love the battle damage, too! I know that the custom...