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  • Absolutely Great to see another Christian on a Halo-related forum... It's so hard to find if you know what I mean...
    hey man, I know it you posted it a long time ago but I saw your youtube video and I love they way you painted your noble six helmet! looks awesome
    Yeah my email is brckflint007@gmail.com
    Hey i have been needing some help with making a visor for my helmet for sometime now, if you could help that would be great.

    I need some help unfolding this file for a friend, it was Sketch up but is .dea, so if you are interested in helping please email me at


    Thank You.
    It's good to meet you too man. There are a handful of Christians that I've met on the forums that are scattered about. Maybe we could start a forum group sometime soon. Catch ya on the forums man.
    Hey man. It's awesome to see other christians on here! Diggin your signature too! Good to meet you HeavyGunner!
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