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  • Hiya FlClM, I'm working on a Jorge kit as well, and I noticed you haven't been in ur build tread for a while. Did you ever get another version of the backpack done? Iv'e DL'd the copy you posted in ur thread, and TBH, no offence, but I'm not sure I can use that one. If you have a newer version, I'd love it if you send me a copy. My email is erikm1811@kc.rr.com and thanks so much for the inspiration to make my own Jorge kit.
    Take care,
    Hey man,
    I wanted to ask what Products you use on your armour for hardening (Do you use the fiberglass method? If so whats the brand name?) , and What "Bondo" you use? I can't find any Bondo in Australia, and I was wondering if you could help me out on what its called?
    Thanks Alot in advance!!.
    Hey FoolyCoolyMan! long time no speak! I was wondering if you got the Left shoulder attachment for Jorge sized up the way you wanted so it didn't come out so big? If you did is there any way you could send it to me? I am going to scratch the one i made from Rhinoc cause i left it out in Cardstock form too long and it warped like crazy...
    been lurking th forum for Jorge's gun file. I read that it was taken down, but i cant find it anywhere. Can u please help?
    Hey man, love the Jorge build! I was just wondering if you had the file for Jorge's MG or anything else? Thanks and keep up the awesome work!
    dude i just sent you a pm! if you have not heard the system is back online! so check it out! and if you don't know how check out the problem area on the forums its the first thread at the top!
    Yea pretty much....XD that and i thought since i am wearing armor from after reach i thought i should do something to promote it and also it be like the soldier painted it on as a reminder. I made sure i added the paint running down from the letters.
    How did you like the new paint job? i even said it was for you lol its on my Facebook and on my WIP
    i got the pictures from you and sent a reply...hehe you'll have to find out what the reply is on the email though MWAHAHAHA....lol
    I would gladly! i will make sure your name looks pretty too! lol what color do you want it as? i have over 100 sharpies of different styles and colors (yes im a sharpie freak XD ).
    I am, from what the thread says it has not even left the first destination point because its not done yet.
    Ill be on around 7:25 US Mountain time for the quickest time to reach me tomorrow (9/9). School tomorrow(9/9) is really busy so im not sure ill be able to get on anywhere in between 7:25 and 2:30 MST
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FoolyCoolyMan + AceNat = Awesome Kat and Jorge in Western Australia!

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