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    Unity Project 2012 for Child's Play Charity (Looking for donors)

    Awesome, really glad to see that whole forum nastiness didnt kill this project! Looks like its time to get back to work!
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    Northeastern 405th Regiment

    Okay I'm curious, would you consider me northeast? I'm in Youngstown, which is pretty much as far northeast as you can go in Ohio (5 minutes and I'm in PA). If so, go ahead and add me.
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    Wiezel's ODST build

    Shoulder pep looks good! And if you don't mind, I've got another suggestion. The little raised detail on the top portion of the shoulder is a little odd in Kirrou's file. I'm talking about this thing: I don't know if you really care whether or not its there, but in case you do want to make...
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    Wiezel's ODST build

    I definitely second this, I ran into the exact same issue when I did my helmet, same file and everything. Aside from that, your pep work is certainly something to be admired, great work! Also, I saw that you only plan to use foam on the chest core and spines. Please, I'm begging you here...
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    wow this is NOT GOOD

    yeah, I'm using Symantec endpoint, and im getting notifications about a blackhole as well, this needs to be taken care of. Most of us probably aren't in any danger because of anti-virus/malware programs, but this is still an issue that needs to be dealt with haste.
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    MW2 Juggernaut Suit Foam build : WIP

    Ok, that's far preferable... Heh, anyways, I'd still say go with the airsoft helmet, mainly because it will require no actual building :) You just buy the thing and that's it, no assembly required!
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    MW2 Juggernaut Suit Foam build : WIP

    Hey man, this is coming along very well, your progress is great! Now as for your helmet situation, YOU CAN'T VAC-FORM YOUR HEAD. Seriously, the whole point of the process is that you get the plastic so hot that it melts, so you're looking at temperatures of anywhere from 200-400 degrees...
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    "Help!" for: Forum Usage

    Well, you can reply to threads, but you can't actually post one in the noob forum anymore.
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    "Help!" for: Forum Usage

    Infantryman status actually has everything to do with it. Once you get promoted, you can no longer post threads in the noob forum. Time to move up to creation disscussion buddy.
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    Requesting - foam building sticky

    This is a brilliant idea. In the past Ive had questions about foam building myself, but there really isnt a place specifically for it. The closest we have is the soft armor section of the creation disscussion, but that area doesnt get much traffic as far as I can tell. We have a noob forum...
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    "Help!" for: Fiberglassing, Resin, & Bondo

    This is actually a way better idea than hot glue. Also, if you use acrylic caulk instead of vinyl or silicone, it would dry solid and you could easily sand and paint it. Sik if youre ok with a little smell from the caulk, then id probably be your best bet. (its not toxic, it just gives off an...
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    ODST Blood Type Shoulder Badges HERE

    Exactly. Its basically a moe visable dog tag for the medic to use as reference, thus "UNSC MED REF." Some millitary units today are even beginning to use a similar verion of this system. More primitive of course, but similar.
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    "Help!" for: Fiberglassing, Resin, & Bondo

    Smooth-on does have things for filling, but its generally pretty expensive and he said he was looking for local stuff. The wood is a really good idea though, I'd bet that getting a thin sheet of plywood or fiberboard then cutting it to cover the corrugation would work quite well. And with hot...
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    Loki helmet, got pics, but i don't know about heavy

    Yeah, you have to host them on a site like photobucket, and copy the [IMG] codes that it gives you into the post. Just about everyone uses photobucket, because its free, and super easy to use.
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    "Help!" for: Fiberglassing, Resin, & Bondo

    It should work fine, but it'll probably take a pretty good amount of glue to do the trick.