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    Halo 4, Will it make us better costumers?

    I'm not doing any Halo 4 builds any time soon for many reasons. Let's list them. #1. I don't like Halo 4, and the armor just isn't Halo. It just isn't. Sincewhen did Spartans become Elites? #2. I don't like Call of Ultra-Modern Warfare 4. #3. Halo 3 through Halo Reach has the best variety of...
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    How did the chiefs armour get upgraded..

    Asteroid belts, asteroid belts everywhere! Because 343 sucks. Because 343 sucks. Because 343 sucks. Because ODST's are so badass that they do their job right and are never seen. They will do a Halo 2 Anniversary, and if it's not done like CEA, then it's going to suck a fatty. I...
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    Man builds homemade AK-47

    This man is a hero.
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    I did not pre-order Halo 4

    You are my new best friend. I really could not agree more. Sometime soon I'm going to borrow a copy from my friend and then I'm going to play through the campagin and a few games of mulitplayer. Then I'll post my final thoughts. Halo 4 just really makes me mad. I don't know why. But it...
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    I did not pre-order Halo 4

    Well I played though the first two levels. The new Warthog noise sucks. I hate it. It's so stupid. It's not a freakin' go kart, ITS A HOG. The new gun noises are really cool though. I have to agree about the hexagon thing though. It's really dumb and overused. Same with the grabbing and...
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    I did not pre-order Halo 4

    I honestly could not agree more. My friend is over at the time I'm writing this and I'm going to try to play it. And also I'm glad I'm part of this community. You guys are awesome with you're nonchalaunt "to each his own" attitude. That's really commendable.
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    I did not pre-order Halo 4

    My 405th brothers and sisters, Tonight will be the first time in the history of mankind that I will not be at a Halo game's pre-release party. Why you ask? Not by laziness I assure you, but rather my lack of enthusiasm for the upcoming game. I'm just not that excited for it. Sure it might...
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    Did the 405th make Florida Supercon better?

    LOL THE BLUE GUY HAS THE SAME ARMOR AS ME!!!! And as for the Green Chief..............ouch. That needs some serious work. I hope someone told her about the 405th......we can fix anything!
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    Kid Wannabe, claims he owns a few suits...from us.

    This is hilarious. Seriously. I lawled. I'm glad I'm the appointed 405th public relations moderator lol. If there is one thing I've learned over the many years of babysitting my friends' siblings and kids, it's that whispering to kids is much much scarier than yelling at them. ALWAYS.
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    ODST Combat Drop into STGCC 2010 [Pic Heavy!]

    Post pictures of it on here! Also, incredible work guys, I hope you make it over to the US for a con or two one day!
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    'Thank you Bungie' Video

    Yes, but if I remember correctly it wasn't that good because I had forgotten about the project and someone else took it over.
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    405th Members from MICHIGAN! :D

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    Halo regiments by state or city

    PROTIP for Midwesterners:
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    DayZ 405th group?

    Actually my friend just told me about I've yet to fully try it out yet but it looks way better than Sixupdater.
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    News on Bungie's new game?