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    Bungie's Screwin With Our Abilities (In A Good Way)

    wow, looking at the billions of new perms for the armor. i cant do anything but agree! the parts are hard but worth the effort we put into em!
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    Iron Man Mark I Anyone?

    its working now!
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    Iron Man Mark I Anyone?

    broken link :/
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    Robo3687's House Of Armour

    And you made this? *bows*
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    Chief And Stormtrooper Panhandle For Taylor Swift Tickets

    *knuckle bump* adam im going to make a unique comic of you guys now, you earned it.
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    Pepakura Dmr

    ill try to fix those edges
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    Reach Emile Build *updates W/pics!*

    for us island dwellers, its already begun! (summer)
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    Anyone Else Ride Motorbikes?

    kamen ride carnage, kamen ride...
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    Dmr- Wip

    Dude, if i were a police officer. id shoot you. (thats a good thing) by that i mean that looks real man, if i was a nub who didnt know what halo was id run for my life if i saw that thing. truly sexy man. and im diggin the dreads brah!
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    Rundowns files hub ANNOUNCEMENT + teaser

    Nice gunner model man. but i think the eye slit is too big.
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    Arc Reactors And Animatronics

    dude, wow
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    Does Anybody Have The Jason225 Odst Knee File?

    k, well jason replied. if the mods would be so kind as to lock up this topic i would be grateful.
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    Kamen Rider W Papercraft

    I saw a video of a papercraft w double driver on youtube, but im having a hard time locating it. if you know where to get the file please post!
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    Warhammer 40K Tau Fire Warrior Files

    are those the guys whose helmets look like tear drops on their sides?