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  • Hi. Do you have the the gears of war snub pistol file by chance. If you do, would i be able to get it? please. I read through the gears of war forum. i used the search function onsite and offsite, but none of the search results had a working pep file that i could find or use. Thank you.

    or if you could point me in the right direction that would be helpful .
    Hey, do you have that Ben Carmine helmet file still? I need it BAD. I would very much appreciate it if you could find a way to get it to me.
    I'm sorry. I'm new to this forum thing. Where can i find any "PePaKuRa" Gears of war weapons that you made? Again sorry to bug you
    Greaves are done (made of foam) still waiting on knee and elbow pads coz for some reason I can't find ANY in shops that aren't for kids :/ Almost built the chest but it's a bit small so instead of remaking I may just make some adjustments and the lancer is pepped and resined and awaiting bondo. no idea if I'll get it all done in time for launch though. The main reason I'm building it is for the midnight launch!
    You'd think that but it really sucks after a while. Especially when the other girls we employ know nothing about gaming! But the discount does make it more appealing...
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