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    Nah jokes it's Counter Strike Source xD
    I can't wait to play that Family Guy online! I heard it's a free to play game, so as soon as they release it I'm downloading it
    hey! i havent really been on here in forever, my armor making has come to a halt because its winter and i have school... :( but yeah, how ya been?
    Check out photos from Live with Regis and KellyAndy Cohen Pro: Bravo's executive vice president of programming has made a name for himself in front of the camera as well, as the ringmaster for many a Real Housewives reunion show and the host of the late-night show Watch What That '70s Show 1-8 Happens: Live.
    Cohen also has great on-screen That '70s Show complete box set chemistry with Ripa as evidenced by her frequent (and hilarious) visits to the Bravo clubhouse.
    Hey bro, I'm so mad right now -.-
    I'm with family, and I forgot a sheet that I had reprinted for Hugh's ODST v2 at home so I can't finish putting it together! Blehehdhakfhfbdnzkajd.
    But I brought the sniper goggle attachment so I'm keeping busy....
    What about you?
    Nah man, I was almost done but then I got caught up in other stuff so I never got to finish the pep phase xD
    But I grew about a head since I started it, so it might end up small, hence I might either sell it, keep it or give it to my cousin once it's done
    okay i have to eat right now but we can play at eight you can create a server and tell me what it will be.
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I'm a bit of a nutcase, though most people enjoy that about me.

Video games, Star Wars, Transformers, physics, and psychology.
Classified in accordance with ONI protocol.
Classified in accordance with ONI protocol.


A.O.A. Delta-3 Division, ONI Section III

"Silly Grunts, kills are for Master Chief!"