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  • I cant even listen to Mad World without thinking about that part. But I still think Maria's death was the worst. Teammates are needed way more in Beast Mode in my opinion,which I love also. :)
    Galaxy twill, which is 100% cotton. It's a type of cotton that's durably, easy to work with, relatively cheap, and comes in many colours.
    Omg. That is beautiful. I just bought one the other day and I cant stop looking at it. But I love Capture the Leader also but none of my friends like it and playing that gametype on my own is the worst. And yes I finished the campaign. I dont want to post any spoilers but I was SO sad when Act 5 ended :(
    Thats weird. It may be because your new. This is my first build too. I've been slacking it pretty bad also since Gears 3 came out. I just cant say away from that game. Did you get the Retro Replica?
    The best time to showcase your fandom, no doubt.
    Sounds like an awesome build, good luck!

    I was working on B. Carmine's helmet, but my printer was acting out on me, and I pepped what I could (which turned out smaller than it should have been).

    Hoping I can make it to the Midnight Madness here in Woodland, lol, and then school the very next morning!
    Discounts beat unknowledgeable co-workers every time. But you already knew that, lol
    What do you plan on doing with your Gears3 build?
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