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  • I have to say, while I'm still upset at Jordan Jefferson for screwin up the Bama game, it was a good battle. lol not to mention, your build was one of the first I saw on here, so just saying hey, lol forgot to follow up on your post in the La 405th page, so sorry. lol
    hey bud! I haven't done much since building my kid sized MK VI for last Halloween. I need to get busy cranking something out, and I have a few ideas in the works.
    Hey Liq, long time no talk! Just thought I'd let you know I'm going to be back to work on my Mark 6, he's been beat up pretty bad to the point where I either had to go through a complete overhaul or scrap him. But once a Spartan, always a Spartan, so he's getting a complete work over, as close to screen accurate as possible.

    What have you been up to recently?
    yup, but I might be moving on from Halo soon, and don't want to commit to anything.
    Awesome thanks for all your help so far! Just a bit of constructive criticism, have you looked at any protective under armor such as the motorcycle riding armor suits to make your under armor a little more authentic?
    you can permanently hot glue it inside, but I just used velcro on each side to kind of tape mine in.
    great thanks for the help..when it came to installing the visor into the helmet, how did you do so? I looked on the forums and havent found out how? is it with bondo? hot glue?? i dk..
    there is a dual visor tutorial somewhere in the forums. Do a search. For scaling I used the "proportionate scaling" method by Abrant, and it worked great. You can also find that by doing a search on the forums.

    I got my visor from a local motorcycle shop. It was about $40. the one I cut was a clear that was given to me by my brother.
    hey where did you get your visor im going insane looking for a good mirrorred reflective one, and how did you cut the dual layer on? you have a website for the visor?? thanks love your work
    yea, first helmet is a failure. turned out good. unfortunately too small. i practiced a little bondo on top to get a feel. time to try again. damn lol. the chest piece turned out fine tho.
    whats up man? i am currently working on a suit for my 3 1/2 yr old son. little mini spartan lol. i enjoyed watchin u make ur daughter's suit. i am bondoing as we speak. so far so good. first suit by the way.
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