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    Army Of Two Pep Files?

    thats awesome but the problem is price...i don't really have a big spending budget, i want help to find someone withthe pepakura files so i can use materials that i do have on me (card stock, body biller, resin and fiber glass cloth)
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    Army Of Two Pep Files?

    i noticed it but unforunately the link for the file doesn't exist anymore
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    Army Of Two Pep Files?

    Okay so its been a while and i've had the sudden urge to make a Army of Two face mask. why now i dunno but they are simple and still in my opinion pretty sweet. But i've looked up and down the forums for a file but haven't found one. so pelase help me find this file. (Admins can move this post...
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    Odst Weta Landfall Ver. Pep Armor By Skg & Crew

    Okay thanks for the file but im trying to understand what does the program mean when by Depth? it says it next to height and width measurements but i dont understand what it means by depth measurement?
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    New methods

    Hey guys been a while since i was last on, i've been busy with alot of things. Anyways the last time i really checked into this site was october of last year and i've got to say some people pepakura projects are looking better then ever and becasue of this it makes me wonder, has there been and...
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    Old man blends halo 3 disc

    if seen other videos then you know those blenders freakin powerful
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    Project Offset

    looks kind of like LOTR...but your right the graphics are pretty good, mulitplayer sounds interesting too.
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    Playing some Halo 3

    MY GT- XAznater :lol:
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    Girly Advice

    Your not the only one...Its weird how its like that.
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    Fav. Halo 3/XBL Insults

    I personally dont like to trash talk, shows bad character in my opinion. When i play and i know its a girl i dont really care if they suck or not, we're all playing halo just for fun right? Either way we have fun in the end.
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    Ain't that sweet.

    Congrats to them :rolleyes
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    What i like to do was listen to one of my Former Football coach's who said something like this: "There's no need to have a relationship now, your going to meet 500,000 other women in life jsut wait til then." honestly you gotta agree with that but if you want to get in a relationship now that...
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    Death Threat at school

    lol you guys should have saw my back pack last year, that things looked bullet proof because it was so loaded with books, papers and other stuff
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    Death Threat at school

    Thats good to hear, Lthings like this tend to happen as a joke like last year like many others posted, i also had a bomb threat. But they told us to wait outside the building so i guess they kind of took the right percautions. Then not long after that a Kid Shot him self 2 class rooms away from...
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    Getting ready for Opening Night.

    i think its suppost to come out in Early may i think the 3rd?