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    Looking good! Will you be able to carve the detail lines before painting this? And what are you planning on using for the breathing tubes?
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    First armor build (Carter Helmet)

    Gosh, I wish my first helm came out this good. Your comm unit does look a bit cartoony (reminds me of Borderlands), but the weathering looks incredibly realistic. The blue visor was worth all 70000 credits. Better lighting would help your photos, usually outside light is best, especially when...
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    Mikki429's Spartan 3 helm

    I picked this helmet before I even saw any screenshots from the game. I think it looks most recognizable as being from HALO, and it doesn't have the Mk. VI's problem of the breathing tubes being difficult to put in. Anyway, here's my visor clamping setup: It's held in against two blocks of...
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    Mikki429's Spartan 3 helm

    My idea for making the small indents worked out great! Since it's a complete pain to pull paper out of little slots like in the top of this helmet, I simply cut a couple of foamies to the desired dimensions and glued them to the inside of the pep build. They pull right out! Sadly, I also...
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    Halo 3 Elite / Sanghelli leg extentions.

    Here's the link to Gizmodo's article on said 7-foot tall elite. This was made by a team of proffesional costume makers, so it should be the perfect starting point for anything you want to make. His leg stands are clever in that the person's foot remains flat.
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    hardenning my mkv helmet

    Don't use paper mache! I tried it and almost totally ruined my helmet because the whole thing wrinkled like crazy! any other method should be okay, though.
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    Mikki429's Spartan 3 helm

    Hello all! Thanks to everyone's help and great advice, I have a nearly complete suit of Mark VI armor. However, the helmet (my first piece, as seen in my avatar) is falling apart because I built it poorly. Not wanting to make another Mk VI helmet due to issues with the vent tubes, I looked...
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    My First Helmet - Help me?

    That's a pretty cool looking helm. I'd be a bit worried about how square it is at the bottom, I'm not sure you'll be able to fit it over your ears. I think USmarine02 has the right idea about templating the bottom hole. You might have to alter the bottom of your model quite a bit. Try making a...
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    Using Foamies & Bondo For Detailing

    Okay, slight necro here, but it's a good thread. I just tried this technique with with mud (2 bondo/1 resin) and the foamies stuck to the mud like crazy and left behind little pieces that I had to razor off. Is there some way to keep the filler from sticking to the foamies that I don't know...
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    Kirrou's Odst Build Wip

    I like the floodlights, too. You did an expert job of integrating the box so they don't look "slapped on." Are you going to go the "standard" fiberglass route for the inside, or will you try mudglassing or plastic casting?
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    Halo 3 Marine Armour Wip

    Great work on the pilot chest piece! It looks like it's about the right size, perhaps 10% too big. Any good ides on how to attach it to the main chest plate? The reference pictures I have show the pilot piece clipping through the main plate, and it seems like the only attachment points are the...
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    H3 Navy Pilot Helm

    I really wish I had taken more progress pictures, but I didn't, so there. The pepakura model I used was made by Vincenzo. I downloaded it from the Halo costuming wiki. It was overall a pretty easy build, but looking back I wish I had smoothed out the folds like MrOreo started doing. I would...
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    Spartan Laser Build

    A bit of advice from personal experience: DO NOT USE PLYWOOD. I highly recommend making the center section out of medium- or high-density fiberboard, because it doesn't break when dropped and carves like butter. Remember to remove as much mass from the centers of any non-exterior layers as...
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    How Much Does A Full Costume Cost To Make?

    So far, I've spent far more than I should have and gotten less-than-great results. I've finally got a method working now, so here's my estimated price list for a brand-new scratch-build: $5 2 reams 110-lb card stock $100 2 gallons fiberglass resin (don't buy them both at once) $40 2...
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    Location Shout Outs: Unity

    * FORUM NAME: Mikal Nphrno * NAME: Michael "Mikki" Haight * LOCATION: Arizona, Scottsdale * SKILLS: Pep unfolding/building, resining, mudglassing, sanding, anything woodworking related * STATUS: Quasi-veteran (I know what I'm doing, but I'm not extremely good at it)