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  • Anyone lurking from DconSec should know Teslacron made his own account as of today! DIS ONEZ MINE NAO BICHES!! (8 ~Jessi
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MWAhahaha!!!!! All your profile r belong teh meeeeeeee nao!!! >:D Jae you got till tomorrow to copy and paster yo **** bezfore I erase ERYTHING! X3

I love lamp x) No but seriously, greetings from DconSec! Our team comprises Jaeson C. aka "Teslacron" <-- Kicked the **** out and started his own account!!!! (lol he wanted to be a mentor here), and Jessica C. aka "Lady Kobayashi" <-- MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! 6_6 ; his / her test monkeys based out of Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. Since about 2008 we've been directing an exoskeletal test-bed designed to enable BCI integrated flight variables - in English, that would be a device you can fly through development of wireless brainwaves (non-invasive).

With the help of some fellow miscreants spread about the globe this reality draws closer to us every day. Thanks in part to the 405th actually. For some time we used these forums to pass information that was in the proverbial "grey zone"; namely ballistic reports, architecture and housing designs, wiring diagrams, fractals, and blah blah blah. The reason behind this is complex, but it all boils down to open source material.

Time has passed, and the issue has faded. The goal for 2013 is to channel the knowledge gleaned over the past 5 years, and create several costumes for the sake of both art and science. Immediate thoughts go to the upcoming release "Destiny", and the nearly unlimited cosplay angles it provokes. That being said, we shall begin with "the Hunters".. xD

Biology, Rock Climbing, Parachuting, Kenjutsu, Art, Music, Linux, Metalworking, Scripts, Et Al
8th Mobile Infantry