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    **Official** Gundam Pepakura File Thread

    hi guys first greatt work on the models. and i download the files for RX-78NT-1 ALEX and i notice that the shield and rifle are not there ,so my question is if someone have the files? thanks
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    RX-79[G] Ground Gundam

    great great work on the models ,and me to i only opne the rifle, torso, and waist on the .zip files
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    Dancin_Fool's 3D Model Thread

    sorru i have the wrong file,the ones i was unfouling was the glove and i suck in unfoulding lol this is the link sorry
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    Dancin_Fool's 3D Model Thread

    hi guys really really awasome work on the ironman files ,well i'm going to ask for help on this one i have the hand files(there not mine ,i foget who file is but is from another user from the forum)so if any one can unfold the hands please...
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    Cog Armor

    hi guys i'm new here and i star doing the COG armor with some friends i almost done and thank for the files know anyone know if thers a file for the guns and the longshoot???