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    Halo Reach Medals!

    Just putting this out there "hypochondriac" is an actual video game acheivment. Bad Company 1
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    Visor that changes from clear to fully tinted

    These visors sound like the "transition lenses" used in glasses. The UV leds is a brillent idea because they never fully black out inside.
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    Need Help With Odst Vidmasters! :o

    sweet jesus im ins
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    They Cage The Animals At Night

    no, but my freind had to for english class a while back he said it was alright. I think they made a movie aboout it, also just small tip add what book in your post yeah its your title but just do it so it'll make sense
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    Want Halo Armor For Paintball And Airsoft?

    here you want to mimick bullet proof vest, get some vests and replace the armour plates with ones made frome just resin those disintegrate, or you could just go buy an armour plate carrier vest (err ill give you guys a link to if you want it) those are thick and will protect you way better than...
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    Air Soft Problem

    thanks, but its still wont budge at all ill get a picture of my gun, cause my charging handle thing came off of its slide, but i don't know if that would muck it up
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    Air Soft Problem

    I have an fairly new AGM M4 airsoft gun, and i;m having a problem getting the upper reciver free from the lower reciver. So far everything on it is extremly close to an actual M4. It is all metal and i have tried it with both assembly pins removed. i'll get a picture up soon. Thanks.
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    how tall are you theres an equation around here, and the helmet at the current download size looks and works fine
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    why do you ask?
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    Signature Wont Apear

    wow your sig is there budy, what does it mean in english i could understand a few words not the whole thing
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    Halo 3 Sniper Rifle Airsoft Build

    if other people are gunna try this i would recomend that you go to, the guns are cheaper and they have good brands, ohh for reliability dont go for JG brand guns
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    Need Visor Help!

    what are you even asking for here? really what the fun monkeys
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    Does Anyone Know Where Link Is?

    dont worry too much, it was simmilar with me he took a few weeks or so but it was a perfect viser so hes probably bussey with orders or other stuff
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    3D Progam

    i prefer wings 3d its free over blender because you dont have to install python and doesnt eat as much memory, also wings has some tutorials
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    Countdown Complete! Launching 405Th New Features!

    wow, just wow this is awsome, and just to stick out HUA!