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  • Cool! You could try combining multiple shots into one image so that even though you're only technically uploading one image, you can get multiple views in. I did this with most of my images. It will greatly cut down on how many images you're actually uploading.
    Thanks for the message! Glad you're enjoying the build :D. Your suit updates are lookin' pretty snazzy, too! As for foam layering, it can be a bit tricky but the more you practice, the easier it is :)
    Hi there. :) I came across your Dremel thread from last year and was wondering how the Dremel 200 series you tried out worked for you.
    Hi, I'm the lady in the pink sweater who chased you two down by the Junkyard Dog today. I was gonna send you a copy of the pic we took, unfortunately that phone is brand new, and somehow I hit the wrong button to save it and its gone :(. But I found this site and showed my husband the pics you have here, he was really impressed. We have both done a bit of costuming (both for fun as well as some professionally) so its fun to find other people around middle TN who get into it as well. You guys made my day!
    I really like the TMS that I got, its very good quality for the price and looks good too. I assume that the shoulders would fit since others have used the same suit, I'm not really sure though because I havent completed a pair of shoulders yet that were scaled right. Unfortunetly you cannot remove the shoulder pads, only the entire back, spine part. -- But if you really needed too you could probably cut the shoulders off (if you decided you did not need them)
    Hope this helps
    This week is my spring break and since I am not goingto be going anywhere I plan on using it to resin, rondo, bondo, and hopefully sand and paint my Kat helmet. I dont think I will do a double visor on it since its a fairly small visor space as is. But I'll have to figure out how to put in the visor once I get to that lol. I've read a lot about installing it but a lot of people seem to have different methods.
    hahaha I know i should be working on it. I am kinda waiting for it to get nice and warm out so that I can do bondo work.
    I have not yet installed a visor because I haven't ordered one! I really need to do that...
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I am married and we both play xbox360.

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