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  • hey , i'm from Egypt and i'm new here
    you're inspirational
    i know you must get this all the time
    i really am dying to make kat cosplay
    i would greatly appreciate it if you can help me with tamplets , files ,patterns or anything you've used on your build
    to help me get mine going
    and if not still i appreciate the details you've put into the original post
    thank you so much
    Never say no ;D haha
    Ye well you have to do alot with your armor ^^ you know its awesome;)
    Thanks as well for this epic work ... u r another example who shows that everything is possible if u just want it :)
    LilTyrant I got Nov- done... Hands and Knees are complete.

    Sadly I can't post in the Noob forum... and the Creative Forum says I can only post 15 pictures... and I made 50... show step by step what I did.
    Anyways, Whats up with this? I need to find a way to post this progress for the world to see lol
    I give you some credit to! =P Thanks for the help!
    Awesome job on the Kat suit! Best foam suit I've seen anywhere! I like how you layer the foam and make it look so real.. sadly I have tried this but its alot harder than you make it look! >=( haha anyways keep up the good work super amazing! *The robot arm looks sooo great! Best of luck on the helmet!! I seen you got a golden visor!! I CANT WAIT TO SEE THE ARTIST GO TO WORK =D
    this is the undersuit file i am using to create my own templates. the original obj file is by jico(the file is saved as crimmson only to seperate it in my folder) but i am unfolding what i need. i have unfolded the complete waist front, sides, lower back and upper back. i am also working on the neck seal area which is what you see that looks like a sun. i also have the obj file for the female undersuit

    pic http://www.deviantart.com/download/290749493/undersuit_pic_by_crimmson76-d4t3rqt.jpg:
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