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    Lock Please.

    Nintendude Pmd me. Someone can lock this. Thanks for everyone who replied!
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    Chrome Daft Punk Thomas Bangalter Helmet

    Google something along the lines of "Luchofunk daft punk pdf" Those are the files I used. I first constructed those files (with some slight modifications) and then cut the same pieces out again using replacement side view mirror for car mirrors. It's available at walmart for 5 bucks a sheet.
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    Chrome Daft Punk Thomas Bangalter Helmet

    I made this for my little brothers birthday, Just thought you guys might get a kick out of it. I made it using Luchofunk's files and a chrome helmet. I may install some sort of electronics or something at one point. There's only one glove for now because I was tired and wanted to...
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    Bungie And Odst Coming To Your Town

    Here are some pictures from the Indianapolis stop... I got the highest score in my group and got a "My other car is a Warthog" license plate holder..
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    Modded Gameboy Color

    It doesnt print money... yet..
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    Building Block Of Life Found On Comet!

    Pssh, I found one of those in my yard. That's no big deal.
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    Modded Gameboy Color

    Custom paint job, A and B buttons replaced with red buttons from a NES controller, The sticker below the Start and Select buttons was taken from a NES controller, and finally I added a frontlight from a broken GBA SP that turns on and off with the gameboy power.
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    Props It's Laza Time!

    I would just like to point out that the last update by the original author of this thread hasn't updated this since march, there's no need to keep bumping this....
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    Props Team Spartan Laser Build

    Band saw for the long straight cuts, Scroll Saw for the tight cuts
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    Props Team Spartan Laser Build

    Dremel mostly, Files, Chisels, Bandsaw, Scroll Saw. We've used a lot of tools on it so far. Which cuts do you mean specifically?
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    Props Team Spartan Laser Build

    Riley (Rililious) came over yesterday and we worked a bit on the laser. We got a lot of detail work done. I was going to post a few more pictures but the camera died... :(
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    Props Team Spartan Laser Build

    Here are a couple more pictures. All I have this morning is my macbook camera, so they kind of suck. The bevel turned out great. We still need to sharpen some of the turns on the beveling, but that shouldn't be too hard. Updates will be provided as the situation warrants. Stay tuned folks.
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    Props Flame Grenade Done! Vid Is Up...

    Good job man! I made one of these a while ago, the thing is dangerous though because of the spikes. All my friends want to play catch with it.... :cautious:
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    Props Team Spartan Laser Build

    Thanks LeeKegan! Heavygunner, Funny story about the scale. Originally I made up the blueprint and everything, threw it into paint and scaled it up to print out at 450% just to test it out. I printed it out, cut the pieces, taped it together and everything, then later checked on the halowiki to...