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    RTX 2015 - Meetups and Photo Shoots

    All that sounds good to me
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    Halo 5: Guardians Beta Armor (Helioskrill)

    The Helioskrill armor looks to me like it was based off the Halo 5 Arbiter's armor. In recent photos and video of the armor, you can see how parts of the helmet are similar to a Sangheili's mandible armor, and how the boots mimic a Sangheili's split hoof. By the way, I am almost done with a...
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    Hello! I know your post is old, but I am working on a foam unfold right now
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    Aztlan's Halo 4 Rogue + Binary Rifle + M6H + Exo-suit WIP, PIC HEAVY!

    You know when you hate someone cause they're so good at something... yeah. Good stuff man! I enjoy seeing your work!
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    Props RoxyRoo's Focus Rifle Build

    So freaking awesome! I was wondering when a focus rifle was going to be made! Get it!
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    Custom Halo 4 Armour Build+Lightrifle+Magnum [Commander Button Fox now a musical!]

    Re: Custom Halo 4 Armour Build+Lightrifle+Magnum(Sliced Lightrifle File NOW AVAILABLE This is an amazing build! I definitely kept note of some of the ideas you had
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    Roll Call Southwest Regiment Introduction

    Hello! I used to live in Austin, but recently I had to move back home to Midland, TX. So here I am with only myself and my sister as the only Spartans I know of in the Permian Basin. I completed my armor back in 2012. My sister's armor is currently under construction.
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    kitnip's Halo 4 Master Chief foam build with custom paint scheme and undersuit

    Holy crap! This build is SSSSOOOOO GGGGOOOODDDD! Great job!
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    Halo 5 Master Chief story discussion *Possible Spoilers*

    I think Chief is just gonna go rogue.
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    Skyrim Pepakura Files

    Completed Ebony Armor. Left the eyes on purpose. No boots. May make some later, so for now, NIKEs! Back. I added a cape with a vicious flow on the armor. Thanks to zombiegrimm for the files. I'm currently working on converting Dragon Scale armor to foam, and will try to get through the others.
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    Skyrim Pepakura Files

    Thought I'd leave these here to show just how good Zombie's files look. Thanks man! Just finished construction on foam version of Zombie's ebony armor. Gonna do some more dremel-aesthetics and then paint. Lastly, cloth, and a sick cape to finish it off with. Helmet detailing job. Oh...
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    Skyrim Pepakura Files

    Why in the world do people stoop so low as to derive their pride from others' works? It's pathetic. I mean really, I might convert zombie's files to foam compatibility, but at least when I put the foam files up, I give Zombie due credit.
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    Skyrim Pepakura Files

    Sorry for not replying earlier. I don't even know who else does Skyrim pepakura, so you don't have to worry about me doing someone else's. My previous post has what I've done so far, which isn't much, but I'm steadily getting there. I'll do all I can, though some of them look really difficult to...
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    Skyrim Pepakura Files

    I have been converting some. I did Ebony, Nord Plate, and Dwarven so far. Gonna move on to Dragon scale next, though it might take a little while. Gonna be tough
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    Rooster Teeth Expo 2013 - Photos

    So excited to see all of the pictures and the videos!