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    First Finished Armors

    I ended up making new suits. Though because of time restraints I fixed up the old and modified them for my new suits...not completely right but for a quick fix it worked
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    Vanquish Armor !

    This makes me excited! The model looks good so far.
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    my jorge, emile, and carter biuld

    That's a pretty insane looking gun if you asked me
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    help please

    Look at the halo wiki for pep files, there are some for ODST and also there is some other threads that you can probably find in the costume discussion and pep areas.
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    Halo Legends Prototype W.I.P.

    the left arm looks like you might have to make an arm extension. I know Indy Mogul recently did a robotic arm build that would work for this
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    Finaly Finished!

    Looks great! the scaring looks pretty solid
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    Cneyrinck's Weta Odst Armor - 56K Killer

    The pepping looks great and I really like the idea for the HUD.
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    First Finished Armors

    Thanks, I wish I could have. But it was hard to get everything done within 2 month period I had to make them.
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    First Finished Armors

    So before I posted a thread about making a Sexy Spartan. Well I did a rush job this summer and finished both sets of armors I was making. With the time constraints I had, I did much of all the detail work with black and silver sharpies. For the Sexy Spartan armor, I ended up slimming basic parts...
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    Female Spartan

    Sweeeeeeet. Thank you!!
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    Armor Fitting

    Thank you, I just recently finished peping my thighs and cod piece and wore them all at one and they look pretty good just hard to keep in place right now being only cardstock.
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    Female Spartan

    Before I ask for my help I will state this: I realize there is no difference in male or female armor but that's not what this thread is for. Its for the idea of a seductive looking spartan. We are wearing them for conventions not actual combat so practical isn't necessary. While my first...
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    Armor Fitting

    So I have started working past the helmets(because they need to cure) and I finished making the gauntlets and hand plates. So I decided to work on the shin part next and made one, but I think its a little big(by only a few cm). With my knee just fitting inside the armor, it goes to only 2 inches...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Richard Profession: Electrical Engineer Undergrad Age: 21 Favorite Hobby: Video Games, movies, crafting, cosplay Favorite part of halo: Massive community Favorite Halo: I liked 2 a lot because thats where I started. Halo wars would be better if it was on the computer Favorite Video...