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  • You sir are my HERO, I was so distraught that no one had made it that I had tried to start to model it myself. Then BAM! You come along and make my week, no my YEAR so much better. So thank you sir I do appreciate all the hard work you have done for the community AND myself.
    No way! You're kidding?! I'm down. guess i'll have to do some googling. heck, maybe I can finish my suit by then
    Awesome! Have you heard of the Amazing Arizona Comic Con that's coming up in a few weeks? I might be going.
    I found It online, but I cant remember where. I really liked it because It wasn't too common. (I wish it was one of my projects lol)
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Very laid back person, friendly and love videogames = D

miniature models e.g. gundam. xbox, archery and violin
Tempe, Arizona
Server/host at IHOP