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  • Understandable, it's a byproduct of Reach armor being identical except for superficial differences...the biggest indicator of whether or not it's me is that mine has the UA stripes: white on the side and a big orange one on the top.

    I don't really know of any good cons in the rest of 2013 to attend in arizona, but for AACC I hope to have my XV22 and Gypsy Danger suits done :) Maybe I'll finally win that damn contest with a 7 foot tall Gypsy Danger...
    Alas no. That appears to be a woman, and significantly shorter than myself (I'm 6' 5"). Also I wear the recon UA helmet, the tactical soft case, a knife attachment, and the recon shoulder on my right arm. The left is carter's left shoulderpad :) looks like they did some good work with those spartans though :)

    I was also ironman in his mark 5 suitcase suit at phxcc. I also could only go on saturday sadly :(
    hey there. i live in Prescott. not sure if I am gonna go to comic con at all. i work and have kids so money is tight right now. But who knows maybe i will, it would be my first time and could be fun
    thank you! its only taken me 3 different pep models to get it right, because of sizing issues and rain damage. that pic is acctually a month old. the helmet has been re-painted to match my mark VI armor im making: red and white.
    Damn that's a nice helm you've made

    You've gotten further than me and I've been around longer!
    yup:) i just joined the forums a week ago and i havent had the time to start a thread and upload pics yet, but I've started my first build about 4 monthes ago: a red mark VI
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I'm a chick spartan!!

I’m from Scottsdale, Arizona, and I'm currently a college student. I started building halo props in 2012, and recently just got back into it after a long hiatus.
Mar 9, 1999 (Age: 25)
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
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The costumer is always right ;)
[NOBLE TEAM BUILD WIP][My YouTube channel] [H3 mark vi armor build]
[Post pics of your finished halo costumes here!
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