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    reach helmet givaway

    I subscribed, the videos were entertaining xD Really hope I win that helmet
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    JFO Helmet - WIP

    Thanks for the link! This one looks nice and easy, my first pep was the H3 CQB, and that was a doozy of a helmet to start out with
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    JFO Helmet - WIP

    Would you mind sharing that JFO file? I've had one heck of a time trying to find one, and that one looks dead accurate
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    PIC HEAVY. Awsome Custom Halo Reach Foam Armor. Getting Ready For Anime LA!!!!!

    WOW! I just read this whole thread, I wish I was even half as good as this! I will definitely be using foam for my build when I get the money up for it. Your work is so amazing, I just can't believe it
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    BR for $1,025!? and other Bungie Day goodies

    Just bought my 20th anni Tshirt, good thing I saw this thread, I had no idea this was going on!
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    Official Halo Reach Reference Thread *Pic Heavy, Spoilers*

    Does anyone have a bunch of reference pictures of the commando helmet? Preferably with all the attachments? I haven't unlocked it yet or I'd just do it myself, but that's my favorite helmet, that you can see out of IRL :p, and all the pictures I've seen are Carter's helmet, and I don't wanna...
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    My Odst Build

    For painting a camo design, which I do often, I lay down a base coat, or what color is seem most in the pattern, then I cut either the specific pattern (stuff like tiger stripe, ACU/MARPAT, etc...) or random splotches resembling the ones in US Woodland camo patters, such as the Urban scheme...