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  • how did you secure your visor into your mark v helm?

    I made the helmet. Then taped off the entire visor and put it into the position that I wanted it to be. I filled the entire gap with bondo and let it dry. I took the visor out and sanded the excess bondo down, but was careful not to sand the shape of the visor. Once it was perfectly smooth I pulled the tape off of the visor, and glued it into place with super glue and hot glue. Hope this helps.
    Yes there is a design on the back, if you click on the image of any of those shirts it'll take you to that shirt's page, where you can see the front and back views.
    with regard to the Pepakura designer, I dunno, mate - I've nt played about with it, only the viewer.

    And I'll finish up on the Jetpack first, 'cause there's a lot of people waiting for that. Then if no-one else has started JFO - I'll get on it, and get back to you about reference pics. How does that sound?
    Hiya bud. Is someone else not modelling, or planning to model the JFO? I'm sure I read that somewhere here, if not - I might be up for that!
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Making Halo armor (obviously), rugby, wrestling, swimming, video games
Aug 12, 1992 (Age: 31)
Cobourg, Ontario Canada
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