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  • Hi Xhimpei just wanted to say thank you for the jet pack pep file I have made one thank you
    Hopefully I am not over stepping my boundaries but I was wondering if you where going to post or able to send me a copy of your sweet halo jetpack.
    Im so happy, I just got my W.I.P. stuff on a thread.
    and i have a great idea for a small model you could do.
    The snipah shoulders! before some six year olds start demanding the Jun shoulder.
    I would imagine you would have to do the shells as a seperate piece.
    would you like me to get ref pics for the permutations of the JFO cause i know for sure that the UA variant is slightly different than the rest of the helms.
    sure thing man just send me a shout when you are ready for the pics. ill start rounding them up now so that they r ready for you when you are.
    also, how do u enter the code into pepakura designer to save files? if it its ok with you i would like to give unfolding the jet pack a shot due to the absence of nintendude
    i have looked and noone is apearing to be doing rhinoc was thinking about doing it but he has changed his mind. do u need reference pics?
    he man i was wondering if you would be interested in doing a .3ds of the JFO helm from reach. i can do the unfold but i am completely incompetent and 3d imaging. it would be greatly appreciated
    There are plenty of awesome things you could pepakura for everyone, and they know how awesome u r.
    -energy sword, (people will probly replace blades with plexiglass)
    -the bomb.
    -the core.
    -the oddball. (People will probly just build the front and replace the visor in their haunted helmet) ; )
    -jorge's gun, because the person who made the last one is no longer with 405th.
    -and anything you feel like, because everyone knows it will be awesum.
    The only wait is for unfolds, but now that the model for the jetpack was done, what will you do next
    You are totally the person who can build the camera thing attachment for Operator, and Hazop.
    everyone is like, hey we can be lazy and buy this giant ugly fake night vision thing little kids use,
    but im like, naw, camera thing.
    i know alot of people are looking for jorge's gun. there used to be a pep file for but the creator took it down and asked people who had it not to give it to anyone. but to see one of the halo reach covie weapons in pep form would be great, because all we have right now are the human weapons
    I like the idea of making the prong things adjustable, over making a whole torso, that way you dont have to use that torso
    Your Jetpack is awesome. Your attention to detail is outstanding and this model is incredible. GREAT JOB!!!!

    With your permission I would like to be the Unfolder.

    I would really appreciate the opportunity.
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