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  • Well, I started it about 2 1/2 months ago. So 2 1/2 months ive worked on it and I work on it off and on each week
    Yeah I plan to, well me not exactly. My mother said she could help do the weather effect. She's the painter in the house, and I would imagine she has some intense vet skills, because she's been doing stuff with paint for over 30 years now lol. Though I'd like to hear how you did yours, I'm sure she would be interested in how others did it.
    Well I have a lot of aqua resin, so I will probably add 3 coats, and I was planning on adding two layers of fiberglass on the inside. But do you know if I could perhaps skip the rondo and bondo stage for now? Like just do 3 layers of resin, two fiberglass layers, paint it and stuff, go show it off, then come back and do the rondo and bondo? I just have a close deadline, and I don't think I have too much time left lol.
    lol nice man, just that it isn't good to move your xbox to much, that is why both of my xboxs broke so fast =, well good luck and hope you figure out something
    ok cool, it looks oretty freakin sick, this is my first black xbox =D (sounds racist but it's not supposed to be) xD
    yeah they kinds suck, a while back my dad got charged for calling them for support =/ wth is that about
    btw got a new xbox on friday =D
    check my nooooo my xbox got the red ring of death thread that i put up, i will post a pic of it in there
    yeah i tried everything, i have tried the x clamp fix, those little puffy things next to the x clamps ( itook those off and put something else over it) i have tried the overheating thing for about 30 minutes, didn't work
    i have tried pretty much everything and plus i got console banned for apparently modding my xbox =( so that's why i am getting a new one
    this will be my third xbox
    yeah i am pretty freakin excited, i have to get a new xbox though
    when i got battlefield 3, i put it in the xbox and then as soon as i opressed play, i got the RRoD for the 4th time =( so i think that i am getting a new xbox this weekend =D and i haven't even gottin to play battlefield 3 yet =( but still pretty freakin excited for halo
    yeah it's going pretty good, i haven't had very much progress, but currently i am finishing the reciever for my reach AR out of cardboard, i think that this is the third time i have done the reciever =P it's kinda hard because i have to measure every piece and it take forever
    Hey man I appreciate the response to my question about scaling. I understand now and you answer really helped me so thanks for the help.
    they should be some kind of store like that, where you live, or you could order it off of ebay or amazon (something like that)
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been following the halo adventure for never and now im making armor couldn't ask for a better life

making halo armor and dominating on reach
December 17
Red Oak, IA
Internet Tech
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Hey guys this is my first documented build
I hope you guys like it